Canadian Ferrets – All 124 listed by CAR / CFR

This table below shows all 124 Ferret Scout Cars that were  purchased by Canada. They were all Mark I (i.e. no turret) and were all made in 1954 by Daimler in England. 

The table is long and wide and you may scroll to the right to see more columns of information.  


# in 124CAR #Hull SNPhotos1981 locationKnown service unit(s)Disposal OrderDisposal DateCommentsLast known owner & locationBritish Number (assigned but not used)
# in 124CAR #Hull SNPhotos1981 locationKnown service unit(s)Disposal OrderDisposal DateCommentsLast Known Owner & location
54-82500 leading 54-82557 in UNFICYP, Cyprus, DND photo CYP66-302-2
54-82500 leading 54-82557 in UNFICYP, Cyprus, DND photo CYP66-302-2

PetawawaUNFICYPDPSL 357077Apr 8154-82500 served with the Fort Garry Horse in Cyprus in 1968. Intended as a hard target? This MIGHT be the restored Ferret at CFB Petawawa as that one has a very low hull serial number.RCD in Petawawa?
Ferret 54-82501 via Digger MacDougall
Ferret 54-82501 via Digger MacDougall
GagetownDPSL 352223Jan 80
354-82502ValcartierUNFICYPCADCI 50798Apr 81
454-82503ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
554-82504Ontario RegimentSO 402848Mar 80Ontario Regiment - 1 of 9 Ontario Regiment, Ontario Regiment Museum, Oshawa, Ontario
654-82505289.B.2.4./ Photos by seller in Oct. 2007CalgaryCADCI 50799Apr 81For sale in Florida 2007 Dec. (see Ferrets for Sale page - link button on left side of this page.)As it was sold out of Calgary it almost certainly served in LdSH(RC)Florida, USA
754-82506Ontario Regiment
SO 402848Mar 80Ontario Regiment - 2 of 9Ontario Regiment Museum, Oshawa, Ontario
854-82507//(RCD)ShiloUNFICYPDPSL 352192Jan 80Note the two vertical wire cutter bars. This MAY be unique to 82507.Hard target? Note 3 of the 4 at Shilo were legitimately ‘saved’ from the ranges.
954-82508// (RCD photo UNFICYP) // In Cyprus with FGH // LdSH photo // 54-82508 waiting to be stripped as a range target. Ed Storey photo.PetawawaUNFICYP (RCD & FGH?) LdSH(RC) DPSL 352221Jan 80Hard target? Fort Garry Horse photo in 1960-1 Taken 1966-7 in Cyprus and donated to the Fort Garry Horse Museum. Another photo is at
1054-82509PetawawaDPSL 352221Jan 80Hard target?
1154-82510Colour photos taken at Sarcee, Alberta (near Calgary) in 1974 by Tom H.CalgaryLdSH(RC)CADCI 50799Apr 81 Colour photos taken at Sarcee, Alberta (near Calgary) in 1974 by Tom H.
Ferret MK> I CAR / CFR 54-82511 CAR showing CAR/CFR stamped into the hull.
Ferret MK> I CAR / CFR 54-82511 CAR showing CAR/CFR stamped into the hull.
ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81Rob Love says it was sent to Shilo c. 2000 from CFB Valcartier. It is awaiting restoration right now at Rob Love’s and is owned by the RHA Museum in Shilo. It had been a monument at some point with everything welded including the wheel nuts. The DND disposal list shows 54-82511 was disposed of from Valcartier. The 4 Ferrets sent to Shilo in 1980-1 when they were taken out of service were 54-82507, 560, 566 and 611. 566 is apparently still on the ranges.
1354-82512ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
Ferret Mk. I on a wiinter road.
Ferret Mk. I CAR/CFR 54-82513 in 1971 on a winter road. (CFJIC IS71-13-18)

Ont Reg’tOnt Reg’tSO 402848Apr 81 ???Ontario Regiment – 3 of 9. Although the photo is from a US dealer’s 1983 ad, it shows one of the Ferrets bought directly by the Ontario Regiment.Ontario Regiment, Oshawa, Ontario
1554-82514299.B.2.4ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81Owner is not sure if it is ex-Cdn. CAR number thought to be 54-83514 but that was not a Canadian number, so it MAY be 54-82514. Has a turret now. In 1992 MVPA D-5 it is listed as owned by Michael Clarke, Prescoult (Prescott?), AZ USA SN 299, Planes of Fame Museum, AZ, USA
1654-82515Det DundurnDPSL 352193Jan 80 Hard target?
1754-82516Valcartier CADCI 50798Apr 81
1854-82517CalgaryCADCI 50799 Apr 81
Ferret 54-82518 UNEF 1222 (RCD Museum)
Ferret 54-82518 UNEF 1222 (RCD Museum)

CalgaryUNEFCADCI 50799 Apr 8154-82518 UNEF 1222 in Canadian Army United Nations Peacekeeping service in July 1957 near El Quasima. This Ferret was serving with No. 56 Canadian Reconnaissance Squadron Photo 85 p. 41 of Tanks Illustrated No. 3 Israeli Tanks and Combat Vehicles – Steven J. Zaloga
Ferret 54-82519 in UNEF enroute to Gaza. (ME-566 CFJIC)
Ferret 54-82519 in UNEF enroute to Gaza. (ME-566 CFJIC)

Ont Reg’tSO 402848Mar 80Ontario Regiment – 4 of 9Oshawa Military and Industrial Museum
2154-82520326 B.3.4
Ferret 54-82520, possibly in Germany.
Ferret 54-82520, possibly in Germany.
CalgaryLdSH(RC) in
CADCI 50799Apr 81LdSH photo. Appears to be in Germany.LdSH photo. Appears to be in Germany.Jim G. Michigan (MVPA # 5843)
2254-82521CalgaryCADCI 50799Apr 81
2354-8252212 RBC ValcUNFICYP12 RBCDPSL 352220Jan 80Monument at Valcartier? The “22” shows up in an RCD photo as painted on shoulder armour of hull. CAR only painted in last three digits in small (1″?) numbers over driver’s hatch.DND Mionument. CFB Valcartier, Quebec
2454-82523CalgaryCADCI 50799Apr 81
2554-82524303 B.2.4 ? In 2007 // CalgaryLdSH(RC)?UNEF?CADCI 50799Apr 81Likely 303.B.2.4 Has North American M Series lights as was often fitted to Canadian Ferrets. seaforth72 (at) Bought by LdSH(RC) in 2007 and it is now back in Canada.LdSH(RC), Edmonton, Alberta
2654-82525 //
Gagetown UNFICYP RCDDPSL?1975Scrapped in 1975. After a fire apparently. NONE ASS WAS SCRAPPED AFTER FIRE.
2754-82526PetawawaDPSL 352221Jan 80Hard target?
2854-82527// //ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
2954-82528ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
3054-82529ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
3154-82530ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
3254-82531ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81Neil Smith, Florida35 BA 86
3354-82532GagetownDPSL 352223Jan 80Hard target?
3454-82533ValcartierLdSH(RC)CADCI 50798Apr 81
3554-82534310 B.2.4With UNFICYP in Cyprus // At RAPCO (Rexas) yard for sale. //
Restored in Texas.
CalgaryUNFICYP RCDCADCI 50799Apr 81An in-service photo of a vehicle matched up to the current owner! Special thanks to Cpl. Kevin Langille of the Archives and Collection, Royal Canadian Dragoons, CFB Petawawa. In service photo taken on Cyprus courtesy of RCD Archives. As found in the RAPCO yard in Texas and restored photos courtesy of Les Branson. Branson in Texas, USA
3654-82535Ontario RegimentSO 402848Mar 80Ontario Regiment – 5 of 9
3754-82536ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
3854-82537 //
After repainting white for CWM display.
3954-82538Canadian War MuseumUNEFDPSL 352227Jan 80Transferred from the Canadian Army to the Canadian War Museum in January 1980. This Ferret was in camouflage colours when the CWM obtained it. The vehicle was repainted for CWM in white with UNEF RCEME markings for display.The CWM has the correct UNEF UN decal on the front right fender but the other markings are unusual. (see top photo on this page for normal paint scheme). MWO Ross Pettit wrote on 2008-03-11 ” I rebuilt that FSC [Ferret Scout Car] when I was posted in Trenton. I painted exactly from a picture of a ferret crossing a sand dune in Egypt. So it is painted correctly according to the picture.” This vehicle also has the later modification for the Browning 1919A4 (not used when the vehicles were white) which replaced the Bren Gun and a much later model antenna base. Probably by coincidence, this vehicle actually served in UNEF.Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario.
4054-82539ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
4154-82540321.B.3.4ValcartierCADCI 50798 Apr 81Info: 2006 June 03. Under restoration 2006. Tactical Sign 22A The only other marks I have found on it are a 22A in large black figures [THIS IS A TACTICAL SIGN – Colin Stevens] on the side of the hull near the top that I assume are radio call symbols. Also on the right front storage bin there is stencilled in white figures LV9-ASC 2540-99 815-7449 CAR 54-82540 also found painted on hull. B McW, Valley Station (near Truro), Nova Scotia
4254-82541ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
4354-82542//ValcartierNATO in GermanyCADCI 50798Apr 81
4454-82543//Photo via Digger MacDougall, FGHCalgaryCADCI 50799Apr 81
LdSH(RC) Archives photo. Parade in Canada.
Detachment Dundurn, SaskatchewanDPSL 352193Apr 81Hard target? DND, Detachment Dundurn, Saskatchewan
4654-82545ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
4754-82546ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
ValcartierUNFICYP RCDCADCI 50798Apr 81
4954-82548ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
5054-82549// RCDValcartierUNFICYP RCDDPSL 352223Jan 80Hard target ?
5154-82550344.B.4.4//PetawawaCADCI 50800May 81In 2008 this one sold out of Flower Mound, Texas to collector in Finland! Incomplete.Finland
5254-82551PetawawaCADCI 50800May 81
5354-82552PetawawaCADCI 50800May 81
5454-82553PetawawaCADCI 50800May 81
5554-82554PetawawaBCD UNFICYPCADCI 50800May 81BC Dragoons had it on issue in the mid-1950s.
5654-82555BelgiumDPSL 355683Jan 81Monument in Belgium. (NATO HQ?)BATO HQ?, Brussells?, Belgium
5754-82556ValcartierUNFICYPCADCI 50798Apr 81
5854-82557ValcartierUNFICYPCADCI 50798Apr 81
5954-82558CalgaryCADCI 50799Apr 81
6054-82559ValcartierCADCI 50798 Apr 81
6154-82560360.B.4.4 //
Shown here fitted with a Browning Mk. II .303 MG from an aircraft.
ShiloDPSL 352192 Jan 80Salvaged from the target ranges at CFB Shilo with permission by substituting an ex-British Army (BATUS?) ferret hull. Restored by Rob Love. Photo via Dan Sicotte. Was for sale in 2007 Spring. WHO OWNS IT NOW?John H ex-Rob L, Manitoba
6254-82561PetawawaCADCI 50800May 81
6354-82562PetawawaCADCI 50800May 81
LdSH(RC) Archives
Ont Reg’tLdSH(RC)SO 402848Mar 80 Ontario Regiment – 6 of 9Ontario Regiment, Oshawa, Ontario
6554-82564Ont Reg'tSO 402848Mar 80Ontario Regiment – 7 of 9Ontario Regiment, Oshawa, Ontario
6654-82565ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
LdSH photo
ShiloLdSH(RC)DPSL 352192Jan 80Hard target. Note 3 of the 4 Cdn Ferrets at Shilo were saved from the ranges. 54-82566 is apparently the one remaining of the 4 which actually was shot up. (Ref. Rob Love, Shilo, MB) He wrote: “The last target one is still laying in the Round Plain area of the training area here, and has suffered some fair blast damage.”Shilo ?
6854-82567PetawawaUNFICYPCADCI 50800May 81
LdSH photo
54-82568 at CFB Petawawa Dec 2007 in front of the base museum. Colin Stevens’ photos.
PetawawaUNFICYPDPSL 357077Apr 81Hard target?Ranges, Petawawa, Ontario ?
RCD photo. Identified as 54-82569 by Darrell Zinck
Valcartier UNFICYPCADCI 50800May 81
7154-82570FMC HQDPSL 352224Jan 80Monument?DND ?
7254-82571CalgaryUNFICYPCADCI 50799Apr 81
54-82572 while with LdSH

Photos courtesy James McNeely, NC, USA
CalgaryCADCI 50799Apr 81
7454-82573Valcartier UNFICYPCADCI 50798Apr 81
7554-82574CalgaryCADCI 50799Apr 81
In Cyprus.
As donated to the Canadian War Museum by Radley-Waters. // Dec 2007 at CFB Petawawa
8 CH PetawawaUNEF & UNFICYP 8 CH; RCD DPSL 242285Sep 77Monument at CFB Petawawa in front of RCD HQ Building. F104 (Confirmed by CMS 2007 Dec) This is the Ferret that was presented to General Radley-Waters and it has the plaque on it.This Ferret was presented to this esteemed war-time armoured officer. He was also presented with A Sherman and a Lynx (tracked). CFR and SN of his Ferret are not known at this time. Note vehicle has Canadian retrofitted lights, a cable reel on carrier on left side, and on rear are two loops. presumably for top strap of Jerricans when stowage rack was mounted on the rear – suggesting that this vehicle served in Germany or in Sinai. The vehicle was donated to the Canadian War Museum. It went back to CFB Petawawa and is outside on display. Canadian War Museum (or DND?), RCD HQ, CFB Petawawa, Ontario
7754-82576ValcartierUNFICYPCADCI 50798Apr 81
7854-825771 CBG CalgDPSL 352194Jan 80Monument?
7954-82578//PetawawaDPSL ? 1976Sold. Burned in a hanger fire at Petawawa“burnt in Petawawa mid 70’s? Duty Cpl must have missed checking the hanger that weekend ;). Black as a coal mine in the hanger Mon morn. …I have some pics of the Ferret after they hauled it out back. … (some are in rough shape, got wet before I could scan them)” “I was posted to Petawawa fall 74 until spring 78. … Quality of the pics is poor, but you can see the steel belts, all that’s left of the tires.I remember it took a week or so to clean the hanger. “
“I guess if they sold that Ferret, it would have been sold by the pound :). The final word was it had an electrical short sometime on the weekend, and the duty Cpl missed the hanger on his weekend rounds. We found it Monday morning. No other vehicles went up with it, though lots of cleaning needed on others. The Centurion was the last one the regiment had, I think its the one on display in front of the 8CH barracks (might be RCD now) in Petawawa. An old REME (‘Burpy” Heinz) kept the centurion running (parts snuck up from Gagetown) until Ottawa found out we had it running. It sat there parked until after I left for Germany. The only veh destroyed in the fire was the Ferret. I think the part to the right in the last photo was the side bin (escape hatch/spare tire carrier) with an ammo box on top. I think they wanted to scavenge some parts, but not much left. Anyway, I hope this helps with your research.
Photos and story courtesy of Tpr SMITH, RS 8 CH (PL) 2007 Nov. 27 Now of Courtice, Ont.
8054-82579CTC GagetownDPSL?Apr 78DND, Museum, CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick
8154-82580ValcartierUNFICYPCADCI 50800May 81
8254-82581//ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
8454-82582Ont Reg't SO 402848Jan 80Ontario Regiment – 8 of 9Ontario Regiment Museum, Oshawa, Ontario
8454-82583////Aldershot, NSDPSL 352222Jan 80Was designated as a hard target at Aldershot (Nova Scotia) but has survived as a monument at the Canadian Forces Detachment in Moncton, New Brunswick. The condition is described as “hurting.” Photos of her as she is now are from WO Darrell Zinck, Regt’l Ops WO, 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s) Det Moncton. His office is 200 yards from the Ferret. 2007 November 06.Ranges at Aldershot, NS ?
8554-82584ValcartierCADCI 50798Apr 81
8654-82585//ValcartierUNFICYP RCD?CADCI 50798Apr 81
8754-82586ValcartierUNFICYP RCDCADCI 50798Apr 81
8854-82587CalgaryCADCI 50799Apr 81Ferret 54-82587 fitted with four ENTAC anti-tank missiles. In 3/4 view, the CAR is painted above the starboard driver’s window. In side view photo the CAR is in the normal location on the side of the hull. Photo appeared in Canadian Army Journal 1965 Vol XIX No 1 p 6.Were any others so converted or just this one? Did it go to West Germany with the ENTAC equipped jeeps? Reference Canadian manuals, this appears to have been the only one so converted.
8954-82588Det DundurnDPSL 352193Jan 80Hard target?
9054-82589ValcartierUNFICYPCADCI 50798Apr 81
9154-82590Ont Reg'tSO 402848Mar 80Ontario Regiment – 9 of 9
As she sat in front on Allan Kerr’s store MILARM in Edmonton.

As she is now (May 2007)
CalgaryUNFICYP CADCI 50799Apr 81Sold by Allan Kerr of Edmonton to Grant McAvoy of Abbotsford, BC. Then to Doug McAvoy in Edmonton? UNKNOWN, Edmonton? May still be in Chilliwack, BC area.
9354-82592In service with LdSH(RC) // At CFB Gagetown Museum 2007.Det WainLdSH(RC)DPSL 352192Jan 80Intended as a hard target in Wainwright. Now a museum display at CFB Gagetown Museum, New Brunswick. Was called CAPRI while in LdSH(RC). In 2007 has unit sign 35 painted on left front fender.Museum, CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick
9454-82593/// // Photos by Brad Mills 2005 May.UNFICYP DPSL 352222Jan 80Designated as a hard target in Aldershot, Nova Scotia but fortunately saved as a gate guardian in Truro, NS. Bins are rusting through (Dec 2007). CAR/CFR number stamped into metal, confirmed by Brad Mills 2007 Dec. DND Ranges ?
9554-82594LahrDPSL 355125Nov 80Lahr, Germany ???
9654-82595LDSH CalgaryDPSL 352195Jan 80Funeral Vehicle. MAY be the one in the LdSH Historical Troop, fitted with a pintle hook.
9754-82596N/AMid 1960s Apparently burned at Petawawa, Ontario in between 1959 and Dec 1965.
LdSH Archives photo. Believed to be 54-82597 (blurry photo)
Det WainDPSL 352194Jan 80MonumentMonument at CFB Wainwright, Alberta?
Ferret Scout Car Mark I, CAR 54-82598 - Left side, as found at Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada.
Ferret Scout Car Mark I, CAR 54-82598 - Left side, as found at Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada.

CalgaryCombat Arms School, Gagetown, NB, then LdSH(RC)DPSL 352194Jan 80Served with Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) at time of surplus. Old Combat Arms School (CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick) Several CAS decals (2 designs, and large and small of later pattern) found under paint, as well as colour Canada Flag decals front ant rear, and Mobile Command decal was on starboard front. Also found on the front glacis (slope) down on dark green semi-gloss paint is what appears to be shipping information to “25 CANADIAN FORCES SUPPLY DEPOT 6363 NOTRE DAME ST. MONTREAL QUE. CANADA” This paint however appears to be Canadian, not the British factory colour. Was this Ferret sandblasted and rebuilt way back in its service? Could it have been UN white at some point? Usually the army simply painted over old markings and paint jobs, but what did they do for white UN Ferrets? Were they painted over or were some or all sandblasted?Traded by the LdSH to Crown Surplus for a T-16 Universal Carrier. Sold by Crown Surplus to Bob Carter, who then sold it to Colin Stevens. WD # 36 BA 66 54-82592 CAPRI also had tower lights but had antenna mount stbd rear and different camo pattern. Gord Cumming of Crown Surplus Stores in Calgary kept it as his last one. ____ of Mill Bay, BC bought it. He was an ex-Ferret crew member. Colin Stevens bought it from him. Sold to ___ of Emdonton. He removed and dispoed of the smoke dischargers. Sold to ___ of Edmonton.
This is possibly my old Ferret, 54-82598. It is with LdSH(RC) in Calgary, and has two features rarely found on Cdn Ferrets. As in photo, 598 has the first aid box on the right rear upper hull and the late (c.1969) British “Tower” lights. The camouflage pattern does not match however. // 2005 in Crown Surplus Stores’ yard in Calgary.// 2007-04-01 ////
As received by Colin Stevens, 2007 April 1.
private owner, Edmonton, Alberta
10054-82599RCAC BordenDPSL 352197Jan 80Museum at CFB Borden
10154-82600Aldershot, NSDPSL 352222 Jan 80
10254-82601ValcartierUNFICYPCADCI 50798 Apr 81An RCD photo “Canada Here We Come” with 54-82508 in the foreground shows appears to be “01” at far end in Cyprus line-up. 501 was not in UNFICYP so it has to be 601.
10354-82602Aldershotr, NSDPSL 352222Jan 80Hard target?

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