Armoured Vehicles

Armoured vehicles may provide light armour, for protection of the crews and passengers, from bullets and small shell fragments, right on up to thick armour for protection against heavier projectiles and land mines (now called IEDs). As soon as an armoured vehicle is developed, enemy forces usually come up with some form of armour penetrating weapon. A tank that has armour thick enough against large enemy projectiles tends to be extremely heavy, and even then, it remains vulnerable to attacks upon the tracks or wheels.

A few categories of armoured vehicles include:

  • Lightly armoured vehicles for reconnaissance, for towing light anti-tank weapons or for transporting troops (Armoured Personnel Carrier).
  • Self-propelled artillery.
  • Tanks. One these the cannon is usually in a turret and can rotate 360 degrees. Designed to go directly into battle. 
  • Armoured recovery vehicles – designed to go into combat areas to recover damaged or non-running vehicles, both friendly and enemy. 

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