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St. George’s English School in Rome, Italy

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English School letterhead

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St. George’s English School, 1962.  – A larger version of this picture will be available below. It looks like my brother Dave, sisters Mary and Marjorie, and myself are all in there.  – Photo via Anneke ten Dam, Holland. 
A.H. ten Dam   dam00038 (at)

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Here is the same photo with the four Stevens children from Canada identified (tentatively).

An old address. The building pictured above is at Via Salaria and in 2006  November it was the Canadian Embassy!


YET TO COME! Colour slides by Dr. A. H. (Pete) Stevens taken in 1961-1962 showing the old school building (the old palace), myself and siblings – with the boys wearing the uniforms. A friend will be scanning them so I can post them.  – Colin Stevens  [check with DesMazes]


Marching at St. George English School
Marching at St. George English School
St. George’s English School, Rome 1961-1962. Marching children doing display marching, probably on a Parent’s Day.  We were a very international school. The girl on the far left appears to be from Africa, the girl in the middle looks like she is from India or Pakistan. My brother David MIGHT be the boy on the right. I believe that I am the boy in the centre, just behind the centre girl. There are lines painted on the asphalt, so it looks like it is a basketball court. Photo probably by the Stevens family.
Fencing St. George's English School 2
Fencing St. George’s English School 2
Fencing exhibition with foils at St. George’s English School in Rome. Probably on Parents’ Day. Left to right: Colin MacGregor Stevens (skinny legs); our fencing instructor the Count of Monte Christo (his REAL title! He taught us in Italian); David Thomas Stevens. Dr. A. H. “Pete” Stevens is standing in background with a camera, just above the boy in the white shoes, white shirt and hat.  This is the professional photographer’s picture. We each had two balloons fastened to our chests. Note that Colin has just sliced off the first of David’s balloons. Colin won the match.  This is between September 1961 and June 1962.
Fencing St. George's English School 1
Fencing St. George’s English School 1
(within a few minutes of the other), from the other side! This is probably by Dr. A. H. Stevens, our father, who was an expert fencer himself. The Count of Monte Christo is on the far left, then David Stevens, then the professional photographer, then Colin Stevens.
Yukari and others. Photo circa 1962 at St. George's English School. Sent in by Anneke ten Dam
Yukari and others. Photo circa 1962 at St. George’s English School. Sent in by
Anneke ten Dam






St. George’s English School is located in Rome, Italy. According to some web sites it was established in 1958. It provides education in English and many families working at embassies in Rome have sent their children there.

I attended in September 1961 to June 1962 along with one of my younger brothers (Dave)  and two sisters (Mary and Marjorie).

Here we are out of uniform and I am on the far left. . I am looking for a photo of us with Peter and his older sister Sue MacDonald (?) , some other Canadian children who also attended.




We wore uniforms which consisted of grey shorts (boys) or skirt (girls), red blazers with the school crest, school ties and little school caps. We practiced cricket in a special practice pitch with netting on the grounds, and took fencing lessons.


  • Our Headmaster was Mr. G. C. Sunley. 
  • I was in LOWER III and was 10/11 years old.
  • My old Geography notebook reveals that in Lower III my teacher was Miss Phillips. 
  • G. R. Phillips-Battista was my “Class Teacher”.
  • Ann P. Freemantle for Divinity.
  • “S. R.” for French.
  • K. Nahintyre (??) for Art. 
  • “R. W. L.” for Science.
  • Our fencing instructor was the Count of Monte Christo! It is true! Instruction was given in Italian.

The son of my Headmaster wrote to me:

03 Oct 2001 08:56:10 – The art teacher was miss Nottridge. The headmaster was my dad! A most interesting web page. Julian Sunley E.Mail is jsunley  (at)

I recall making water bombs out of folded paper and dropping them from a balcony. I SEEM to recall that someone filled one with ink (we used fountain pens in those days) and dropped it so that it landed next to the Headmaster, Mr. Sunley.

We ate lunch in a large hall. Our  prefect sat at the head of the table. Lunch was often a SPAM type of luncheon meat which he would slice up for us. I remember hot, fresh Rosetta buns. Dome shaped, hard on the outside, and hollow. There was a soft bread on the inside of the bun. I have never been able to find these buns since then. 🙁

I remember the smell of the freshly washed stone steps inside the school – not a pleasant smell with the anti-septic that the cleaners used.

I joined the British Boy Scouts there and I remember a camping trip to the area near Pisa, Italy. One of the older boys killed a small bird (with a slingshot as I recall) and the scout leader told him that if he killed it, he had to cook and eat it.

It was a good education at St. George’s. It was at an accelerated pace compared to the Canadian schools as we discovered when we returned to Canada.

One friend I recall was Konstantine Theile from Chile.  He wanted to run a hotel in Chile I believe. As I recall I only had one other Canadian boy in my class (Michael?) and his birthday was the same as mine – 1951 March 08. I gave him a Hardy Boys book for his birthday – and not being a party animal, I read the whole book during the party! Another boy I recall was a Canadian, born the same day as I was in the same year as well.

The school was located in an old castle and there were catacombs underneath it. In the main hall were fragments of ancient Roman tablets with Latin inscriptions. There were stone steps leading up from the hall to upper levels. In the garden out front was a giant foot, several feet tall as I recall, from an ancient statue.


FROM:    Richard.atherton  (at)

Subject: Re-invigorating the St. George’s Alumni Association
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 12:49:34 +0100

Dear ex-St. Georgian (sorry I can’t be more personal at the moment),

In just under a year’s time St. Georges will be entering its fiftieth year and you are a part of its history.

 We want to celebrate it in the best way possible by involving the maximum number of alumni and teachers, starting initially with a series of reunions from the middle of next year.

There have been many  enjoyable reunions in the past but many of us have not been able to attend due to other commitments on the day or because Rome is just too far to travel.

Obviously a reunion held in Rome is easier to arrange and many ex-students are either still based here or find it fairly easy to get here. However there is no reason why some reunions should not be organized to take place in say London, Chicago or Melbourne.

We do however need your help. The first priority is to enhance our rather meager data base with information about what you and your classmates are now doing, where you are doing it and how we can contact you.

At the moment the alumni section of the school website  

 Tell us where you now live. And tell us which year group/ s you would most like to hold a reunion with.

 You can also help by forwarding this e-mail to as many ex-St Georgians that you still keep in contact with and ask them to also send in their information.  Access to any data  you send  will  be  strictly limited to our alumni team at the school where it will be entered onto the school’s secure alumni data base and the e-mail itself, deleted after copying.

 The BIG 50 celebration itself is still at the pre-natal stage but will almost certainly be held sometime at the end of August / beginning of September and this one will definitely be held in Rome.

 Start saving NOW and please contact us.

Peter Doyle

 ( retired Chemistry teacher and now secretary of the Alumni association )

In 2000 November, I finished reading the first four Harry Potter books and I  keep thinking back to my time in “Hogwarts” … I mean, St. George’s English School.  🙂
St George's English School is now the Canadian Embassy 2
St George’s English School is now the Canadian Embassy 2
St George's English School is now the Canadian Embassy 1
St George’s English School is now the Canadian Embassy 1
St. George's English School is now the Canadian Embassy 3
St. George’s English School is now the Canadian Embassy 3