Photos – Boundary Bay Air Shows

Photographs by, and copyrighted by, Colin MacGregor Stevens of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The annual Boundary Bay Air Show is held on the former WWII airfield in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. It is a FREE show, hosted by the City of Delta!

Boundary Bay Air Show – 2015

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Boundary bay Air Show – 2016


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Boundary Bay Airshow 2018-7-21

Some of the aircraft present in 2018 were:

  • Catalina (Canadian built)

  • Me-109 (Spanish built)

  • Corsair

  • Hellcat

  • Harvard (many)

  • Harvard II

  • Sea King (4 months to go to its retirement from Pat Bay)

  • Stearman Cadet

  • Sopwith Pup (replica)

  • Fleet Finch II

  • Fleet 80 Canuck

  • Delfin

  • Many civilian aircraft

  • Granley Aerobatics


F4U-7 Corsair of the Erickson Collection of Madras, Oregon

The were nicknamed the “Whistling Death”. This one was built in 1952, one of the very last Corsairs made. It saw service in Indo-China (Vietnam) (1953-1954), Suez (1956) and Algeria. Three bullet holes were found in it during restoration. This aircraft has had her markings changed since her last visit to Delta in 2016. 

Me-109 - Spanish built version.
Me-109 – Spanish built version.

Messerschmitt Me-109 of the Erickson Collection of Madras, Oregon.

Spanish built Buchon HA-1109 (Pouter Pigeon). The fuselage was built in Spain under licence from Germany. The engine is a British Rolls Royce. This aircraft was used in the movie “The Battle of Britain” (1969).