W. A. Stevens’ Small Photo Album

These photos are from the smaller of two photo albums of my paternal grandparents, William Arnott Stevens and Bertha (Betty) Stevens.

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New Year’s Day, 1913

These photos are from the small photo album which belonged to William Arnott Stevens and his wife (from 1918 onwards) Betty Stevens.

Born Bertha May Gardner in Essex, Ontario August 23, 1891. Betty died June 25, 1966 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. The album is now (2007 August) owned by Estelle Stevens. William Arnott Stevens lived from 1888 to 1961.

The scenes are about 1912 -1927. The early part MAY be in the Essex area (the part of Ontario nearest Detroit), and the later part, mainly in St. Catharines (near Niagara Falls) after she married William Arnott Stevens in 1918. The photographs are NOT in chronological order, nor are they always grouped by subject, but they ARE shown here in the order in which they were pasted into the album.

Luckily there is some duplication between this small album and William Arnott Stevens’ larger album (c.1912 and onwards) as people, places and dates are sometimes mentioned. 

If ANYONE can identify people, places, dates etc. I would LOVE to hear from you! Colin Stevens  seaforth72 (at) gmail.com Please refer to the photo number.