1967 Ferret convoy in Cyprus with UNFICYP. DND photo PCN67-107
1967 Ferret convoy in Cyprus with UNFICYP. DND photo PCN67-107

Three Ferrets on patrol in Cyprus. Sentinel magazine claimed it was the Fort Garry Horse (FGH) but the above photo claims it was LdSH and indeed the Roadrunner (orange figure) is ion the side of the nearest Ferret not the white cowboy hat of the FGH.



In 1965 there were 26 Canadian Ferrets serving with UNFICYP. Some came by air, and others came by sea on HMCS Bonaventure.

  1. 54-82500
  2. 54-82502
  3. 54-82507
  4. 54-82508
  5. 54-82522
  6. 54-82525
  7. 54-82534
  8. 54-82547
  9. 54-82549
  10. 54-82554
  11. 54-82556
  12. 54-82557
  13. 54-82567
  14. 54-82568
  15. 54-82569
  16. 54-82571
  17. 54-82573
  18. 54-82575
  19. 54-82576
  20. 54-82580
  21. 54-82585
  22. 54-82586
  23. 54-82589
  24. 54-82591 (UNITED NATIONS yellow letter decal found on green hull under old army paint)
  25. 54-82593
  26. 54-82601
  27. 54-82604 *

*   Not on 1965 Oct 14 RCD War Diary Appendix 6 list.

The presence of another Ferret indicates that at least one was rotated in and probably one rotated out.

War Diary RCD UNFICYP 1965 Oct App 5 Veh Rpts Box 78 File 634
War Diary RCD UNFICYP 1965 Oct App 5 Veh Rpts Box 78 File 634

This list was compiled from photographic information, a DND web site (RCD in “UNIFICYP – United Nations Forces in Cyprus 1964”) and RCD War Diary 14 Oct 1965 Appendix 6 (Courtesy of the Directorate of History). Any additional info or corrections would be appreciated. Colin Stevens seaforth72 (at) gmail.com

Some British Ferrets also served with UNFICYP as temporary replacements while Canadian Ferrets were in the British shop in Cyprus being repaired and the Canadians used at least one with a turret so it was probably one of these.


Mar. 1964Oct. 1964Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD)RCD used "Snoopy" cartoon character.
Oct. 1964Mar. 1965Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) [LdSH(RC)]LdSH used "Roadrunner" cartoon character.
Apr. 1965Aug. 1965Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD)RCD used "Snoopy" cartoon character.
Sep. 1965Apr. 1966Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD)RCD used "Snoopy" cartoon character.
May 1966Oct. 19668th Canadian Hussars (8CH)
Oct. 1966Apr. 1967Fort Garry HorseFGH used a "White cowboy hat" in silhouette.
May 1967Oct. 1967Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD)RCD used "Snoopy" cartoon character.

Canada pulled out of UNFICYP in 1993, although we may still send a liaison officer.


Ferret being unloaded from HMCS Bonaventure at Famagusta, Cyprus UNFICYP March 30, 1964
Ferret being unloaded from HMCS Bonaventure at Famagusta, Cyprus UNFICYP March 30, 1964
Canadian Army RCD Ferret Mk. I being unloaded from a lighter at Famagusta, Cyprus March 30, 1964. 16 Ferrets, 36 trucks and 160 tons of stores had just been delivered for the Canadian troops via the aircraft carrier HMCS Bonaventure.  The special cages to protect the opening on top were discarded by orders of the senior officer immediately upon arrival in Cyprus. UN Photo 84462
Bottom centre RCD Ferret is marked  with lazy “D”. Unit sign is white 52 on Red/Yellow Armoured Corps unit sign.  March 30 1964?
Ferrets of Lord Strathcona Horse (LdSH) patrolling in Cyprus, 1964. fp 129 Always A Strathcona.  [see next photo which claims to be FGH but photos appear to be taken the same day.]
Officer (2/Lt?) of the reconnaissance squadron of the Royal Canadian Dragoons on patrol in the Trodos Mountains of Cyprus. The 1919A4 Browning is held in a No. 8 Mk. I machine gun mounting. The symbol on the side is for Support Company .
Two Canadian Army Ferrets of LdSH recce squadron patrolling near Nicosia in Cyprus in February 1965 with the United Nations UNFICYP. These would be RCD. Photo DND CYP-65-148-2
Identified as two Ferrets of Lord Strathcona Horse (LdSH) patrolling near Nicosia, Cyprus in February 1965. HOWEVER the RCD were on duty there then, not LdSH.  Photo p. 231 of Relentless Verity.
March Past at UNFICYP Headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, 2 August 1966. Ford 1953 M38A1CDN CAR number 53-33070 passing Ferrets. Note Ferrets have Browning 1919A4 machine guns, B Squadron markings (square) on upper sides of hulls, armoured corps unit sign with “5” apparently (which looks a lot like a “3”).  This would be 8 CH.
Ferret of Fort Garry Horse in Cyprus, February 1967. Officer is Lieutenant P. R. Bova.
Two Ferrets patrolling a village in Nicosia area of Cyprus pre-1968. Note that left hand one has a turret – normally seem on British Ferrets, not Canadian so it is likely a vehicle left for UNFICYP by the Brits. There is a decal on right side of upper hull. It may say UNITED NATIONS and be the yellow lettering as per the one found on Ferret 54-82591. (Original LdSH’s  “COYOTE”)
Identified by DND as Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) Ferrets on patrol in Kyrenia District of Cyprus in August 1967. BUT kit bag on rear Ferret has man’s unit Fort Garry Horse. Canadian Forces photo PCN 67-107