FOR SALE – Firearms & Deactivated Firearms


Firearms and deactivated former firearms and their parts and accessories, for sale by Colin MacGregor Stevens. Bayonets are listed under Edged Weapons for sale.

This is a hobby, and being retired and on a pension, I have to sell off some items so that I may buy other items that interest me. Note that the firearms and deactivated former firearms that I have for sale are for sale in CANADA ONLY and ALL LAWS ARE COMPLIED WITH. Live firearms and live ammunition require the appropriate Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). Restricted firearms would require the relevant PAL with RESTRICTED endorsement. The PAL acts as an automatic background check and the police check ALL Canadian legal firearms owners EVERY DAY. Firearms owners must first pass R. C. M. Police tests for safe handling and there are strict rules to follow regarding storage, display, transportation and use.

Bren Gun adaptor to fit the 100 round drim magazine. $150
Lee-Enfield No. 4 backsight Mark I made by Fazakerley $80
SOLD PENDING FUNDS - Model of 1917 rifle made by Winchester in the USA for the US Army in 1918. MINT CONDITION with matching Winchester made M1917 bayonet. This is from an old collection and one cannot find a better example. Canada issued form M1917 rifles in WWII in Canada but this one is NOT Canadian issue marked. $1,900 SOLD PENDING FUNDS
M1917 Winchester right side
M1917 Winchester right side

Reising M50 SMG. U.S.A. DEACTIVATED. Cock and click. This is a military issue marked one. Type used by U.S. Marine Corps in 1943 and later used in Canada by 2nd Battalions (e.g. Seaforth of C) and by Veteran Guards. .45 Cal. Includes one 12 round magazine and one 20 round magazine - both pinned. $900 SHIPPED IN CANADA
Reising Model 50 SMG DEACTIVATED - Right side
Reising Model 50 SMG DEACTIVATED - Right side

M2 Carbine, by INLAND. DEACTIVATED cock and click. VERY RARE. This was made and is marked as an M2 and is not a conversion. Metalwork had been through a fire and it had a cosmetic restoration. Canadians used these in the Korean War. $1,100 SHIPPED IN CANADA
M1 Carbine DEACTIVATED cock and click - Right side
M2 Carbine DEACTIVATED cock and click - Right side

VENTOMETER - Used in the 1800s for fine micrometer adjustment of the rear sight on Martini-Henry etc. This one is brass, precision made (as they all were no doubt) and marked "H.P.MILLER'S PATENT" Scratched into it appears to be a shooter's name "SAUL RM LUMMINGTON" ? $35
Ventometer H P MILLER'S PATENT - For micrometer adjustments to rear sight on Martini Henry etc. - bar halfway
Ventometer H P MILLER'S PATENT - For micrometer adjustments to rear sight on Martini Henry etc. - bar halfway

Shell casing, 20-MM for World War I Becker Type M2 Cannon. It was used on WWI German aircraft. Markings "AM 20 17 AM103. No projectile. INERT $30
SOLD PENDING FUNDS TO JG - 1943 No. 36M MK. I hand grenade. INERT Made by ICI and spoon (lever) by LEGGE. INERT. Complete except for fuze. My number CMS2590. $350 SOLD
Original check plate for No. 36 M MK. I grenade when used in cup discharger. Dated 12/40 (December 1940). $100 SOLD PENDING FUNDS
Thompson Sub-Machine Gun magazine 0/20 Twenty-round magazine deactivated (welded follower). Made by SEYMOUR PRODUCTS COMPANY SEYMOUR CONN. $50
Sten Gun Box loader. Grey cast lever. $40
1942 20mm shell INERT MK II Projectile is loose. Unfired. INERT. Pointed nose cap unscrews. $30
1943 20mm shell INERT MK II with INERT projectile (loose) which had a flat tipped nose cap that unscrews. $30
Backsight for Lee-Enfield No. 5 MK. I JUNGLE CARBINE made by BSA (has "B" mark). /|\ marked. Calibrated up to 800 yards as is correct for the JUNGLE CARBINE. Good working condition. Scarce on the loose, so it is great for restoring a No. 5 MK. I rifle. $75
Backsight for No5 MK I Jungle Carbine
Backsight for No5 MK I Jungle Carbine

Original Warner & Swasey Model of 1913 Musket Sight (SNIPER SCOPE), This model was used on the Ross MK. III from 1915 on and on P-14 rifles overseas by Canadian troops in WWII. Canada ordered 500 or them. The Americans ordered a few thousand. The two are identical except for the range plate and the serial number. This is a U.S. Army one. It comes with an original 1918 R.I.A. made leather scope case. NOT included are the mount (which is where the adjustments were made), the base that attaches to the rifle permanently or the rubber eyecup. The original eyecups have deteriorated and Hayes Otoupalik sells a replica for USD $50 as I recall. Photos show one mounted on a Ross rifle MK. III. The cases, when they show up, sell for about USD $200 each but this case is not for sale separately. The scope is valued at USD $300. Total package USD $500. In Canadian dollars that is about $690.
ARNHEM - Sten Gun box loader, rusted relic. Dug up at the North end of the Arnhem Bridge by an English man in 1968. Sold in 2000 to Mr. ______ (name will be provided) of Virden, MB (now in Chilliwack, BC) Location found means it was used by the 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment during the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944. [CMS1774] $40
ARNHEM - Sten Gun magazine, rusted relic, about 2/3 remaining. Dug up at the North end of the Arnhem Bridge by an English man in 1968. Sold in 2000 to Mr. ____(name will be provided) of Virden, MB (now in Chilliwack, BC) Location found means it was used by the 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment during the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944. [CMS1775] $40
"Telescope, Sighting, No. 22 C MK. II / R.E.L. CANADA / 1942 /|\ 8945-C" Very nice example of the anti-tank scope as used on 6-Pounder Anti Tank Guns. NOT for the sniper rifles. This has no elevation or windage controls. [CMS2309] $80
Bren Gun tool. Apparently for MK. I Bren. Usually carried in Bren Wallet. Several available. Derusted and reblued by gunsmith. [CMS2310] $15
Box magazine loader. For French VIGNERON SMG. Looks like Sten box loader but it will not fit a Sten Magazine. Marked "VIGN." $15
Bore scope for .50 Cal MG or rifle. U.S. military. WWII? Made by C. COWLES & CO. NEW HAVEN CT. $15
ARNHEM - Three relic shell casings as a set, 20mm British from Arnhem battlefield. Found at the spot where the Reconnaissance Squadron had their Headquarters on the Oranjeweg, northwest of the Airborne Museum Oosterbbeek, Holland. near Hartenstein Hotel years ago (map with location). British Reconnaissance Squadron took two 20mm AA guns into Arnhem ("A Bridge Too Far") One gun was damaged immediately, and thus only one remained in action. These shell casings are from that gun. They appear to have been destroyed by the British, presumably to deny them to the Germans. I suspect they were punctured and then burned. Provenance will be provided to buyer. The 4th shell casing was donated to the Airborne Museum in Arnhem, a few hundred yards from where these were found. I purchased these well over a decade ago. $80
Sten Mark V (Airborne version) vertical fore-grip. Reproduction. New. Upper right rear on side is wood colour change, not a chip. $50
Bren Gun large sling hook, /|\ marked. $20
Bren sling hook British
Bren sling hook British
MP-40 MP-38u40 sling, REPLICA. Faked German markings. $30
Telescope, Observing, Sniper's C MK. I (incomplete) 1944. $150
"TELESCOPE SIGHTING No. 22B MK. I W. ? W. OTTWAY & Co. Ltd. / EALING / 1924 No 163 / /|\" The "B" is a retroactive addition. Type reportedly, but not confirmed, as used on 18 Pounder and 15 Pounder field guns in the British, Canadian, Australian, NZ, South African, Indian etc. armies. Cross-hairs. Needs cleaning as particles appear on lenses. Knurled brass collar turns. Reference: $40
Bren Gun sling with snap hooks. Noew Old Stock. Danish issue marked. Post-WWII. Green. This length of sling was also used on sniper rifles. $45
Snap hooks for the Bren Gun sling, one pair of "small" snap hooks. $30
Snap hook for Bren Gun sling. One "small" one. $10
Scabbard tube for No. 4 spike bayonet. I have a batch of these, but none have the mouth components. These can be used to restore a damaged scabbard. USED. $5 each

DEACTIVATED FIREARMS AND THE LAW IN CANADA – A deactivated firearm in Canada is NO LONGER A FIREARM AND NO LICENCE IS REQUIRED. The deactivated items listed here are older deactivations. No paperwork form the RCMP exists nor is one needed. Contrary to the rumour and misunderstandings, it is NOT necessary to reweld them to current guidelines. Here are the RCMP’s own words on this: “The new standards will not affect the status of firearms that have already been deemed to be deactivated unless there is evidence that the firearm has been, or could easily be, reactivated. … The regulations pertaining to the safe storage and transportation of firearms do not apply to firearms that have been deregistered due to deactivation. It remains important, however, to store and transport them safely to deter loss or theft.

Reference: RCMP web site Search for RCMP + deactivated

Also search for RCMP and “Storing, transporting and displaying firearms


I am happy to help families find good, LEGAL homes for unwanted firearms and militaria. Note that is you are dealing with firearms in an estate in Canada, the Executor may apply for special legal converage to allow them to sell off etc. the firearms, even if they do not personally hold the relevant licences. Search RCMP firearms Executor estates. Please DO NOT simply hand over firearms and ammunition to the police, even for temporary safe-keeping as these are VERY difficult to get back and are almost always destroyed. The R.C.M.P. Can be very uncooperative I have found and they sometimes make the legal process very difficult. They may even refuse to return any ammunition, even if placed with them in temporary safekeeping. I would be happy to help in any legal manner that I can.


My late father-in-law was BCPP and RCMP and I worked with RCMP history for 8-years and I have great respect for what the RCMP were. Sadly today, the RCMP have a bad reputation regarding legal firearms and their licenced owners, as many of them treat law-abiding citizens like criminals. In High River Alberta, their illegal seizure of over 500 firearms (later returned upon the direct order of then Prime Minister Harper) and their seizure (and reported destruction) of thousands of rounds of ammunition worth a lot of money. This constituted theft and destruction of legally owned private property. As well they have disseminated incorrect information regarding the law. E.g. Assistant-Commissioner Fordy late in 2015 on a radio talk show said that anyone in Canada could buy ammunition without a licence. That is alarmist and it is blatantly untrue. Having been a policeman for many years, he can be presumed to have known that BASIC fact of the law, so that raises the question of what his motives were. 

To import a firearm from, or export one to, the USA:

This requires legal procedures. They MUST be imported/exported legally. I highly recommend “Borderview” in Lynden, Washington State. They hold both US FFL and Canadian PAL. They can legally move firearms etc. across the Canadian-American border as long as they meet legal requirements. Deactivated ex-firearms from Canada cannot go to the USA.

Do NOT try to smuggle guns from the U.S.A. into Canada or from Canada into the U.S.A.!

Remember this even though there is a double standard in Canada. Do not be like the Toronto policeman did and try to smuggle guns into Canada. This police officer was smuggling a PROHIBITED and LOADED revolver (not allowed in Canada), PROHIBITED brass knuckles and knives and had more illegal firearms at home. He received a conditional discharge, three-year probation and 20-days suspension. An ordinary citizen would have been convicted and  jailed for years. [Reference: 2016-03-08 story “​Toronto Cop Caught with Illegal Handgun, Brass Knuckles, Knives at US Border” by Stephen Spencer Davis].

Another police officer was caught (2016?) with an illegally possessed shotgun (he did not have a PAL) and it was stored unsafely as per the law.  He too reportedly received a slap on the wrist.

For those who do not know, “concealed carry” and “open carry”  are not allowed in Canada, except for bodyguards for politicians and for a few police. In Canada we are supposed to call 911 … and wait. “When seconds count, the police will be there … in minutes.” (or hours) so please remember ask your assailant to be patient.