Photos – Police

A true Canadian symbol
A true Canadian symbol. (Photo by Colin MacGregor Stevens)
16419 Corporal Ted Brue RCMP Langley BC
16419 Corporal Ted Brue, RCMP Langley, B.C.

My late father-in-law Ted Brue was in the British Columbia Provincial Police 1941-1950 and then transferred to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where he remained until he retired as a Staff-Sergeant in 1970. As a result, my wife and I like to attend RCMP events. Their full-dress scarlet tunics just happen to be very photogenic.

2016-03-31 RCMP Band new mace Surrey BC
2016-03-31 RCMP “E” Division Band with their new mace Surrey BC (Photo by Colin MacGregor Stevens)

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