12 Service Battalion Museum


2012-03-26 Triumph TWW-500 cc 1957 CAR 57-93923 14 miles only
2012-03-26 Triumph TWW-500 cc 1957 CAR 57-93923 14 miles only

12 Service Battalion Museum is located in the Sherman Armouries at 5500 No. 4 Road in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The unit has been renamed 39 Service Battalion, as it is now part of 39 Brigade, but the museum’s formal name has not changed yet. Indeed the unit is an amalgamation of most of the supporting units over the years, and after the closing of the Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack, the only Canadian Army base on the West Coast, some of the Regular Force units were moved in with the Reserve Army units. The museum is a small one and the exhibits are in display cases in the main foyer and the hallways. Several retired obsolete military vehicles are outside on display, and one is inside. 


    • M135CDN  1950s Deuce and a Half” 2-1/2 Ton 6X6 truck. 
    • WRECKER (presently removed so as to replace the concrete pad that it sits on)
    • CJ-7 1980s Canadian Forces issued jeep, painted in United Nations white. This is incorrect as the CJ-7 was not used on United Nations missions. 
    • M100CDN 1953 1/4 Ton 2-wheeled trailer. This is also painted U.N. white. 

    • Triumph TRW 1957 solo motorcycle, “New Old Stock”. It was never used and was uncrated and placed on display. 

Without the Service Battalion with its various Corps and sub-units, the combat soldiers would be hungry, naked and unarmed. The Service Battalion supplies the front line soldiers with clothing, weapons, food and drink, vehicles, equipment. It also maintains the vehicles, firearms etc.The composition of the unit has changed over the years and the Signals and Medical sub-units are not presently part of the Service Battalion. In the past there were support type units such as the Veterinary Corps which was needed because of horses being used in the army. During World War II (1939-1945) the Army operated a small fleet of boats on the West Coast. 

There have always been support units, but this Service Battalion went through various name and location changes over the years. 

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