Kaiwo Maru – Japanese sail training ship

Sailing ship with all sails deployed.
Kaiwo Maru under full sail while moored at Steveston, British Columbia, Canada. 2017-05-06 Photo by Colin MacGregor Stevens

The Kaiwo Maru was built in 1989 as a Japanese sail training vessel. She is a full rigged ship with 4 masts. This wonderful square-rigged sailing ship visited Steveston, British Columbia, Canada in May 2017. On Saturday  May 5, I went on a tour of the upper deck. On Sunday May 6, I photographed their sail drill. This was a three hour process whereby they unfurled their sails and then furled them again.

They all wear yellow safety hats. The cadets appear to be dressed in white, and the regular crew and instructors in tan or dark blue.

It was wonderful to see her under full sail. The weather was perfect. Indeed, after raising her sails, many of the crew came onto the dock to photograph their handiwork. Then they went back up and tucked the sails away again.