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“FROM PUBLIC RECORDS AND PRIVATE COLLECTIONS – Compiled at the request of The Clan Gregor Society by one of its Vice-Presidents AMELIA GEORGIANA MURRAY MACGREGOR OF MACGREGOR”

This a two-volume set.

VOLUME 1 covers 878-1625 A.D. and was published in 1898. 

VOLUME 2 covers 1625 – 1774 AD and was published in 1901. 

I have worked in museums and archives all of my life and prefer “the real thing”, so I  purchased an original set via www.abebooks.com in 2018. With postage, these cost me Canadian $435.00 which was equal to U.S.$335.15 at the time. I intend to pass these on to my grandchildren.

The good news is that these books have been scanned and are available online for FREE at:

HISTORY OF CLAN GREGOR https://ia802703.us.archive.org/28/items/historyofclangre02macg/historyofclangre02macg.pdf

No book is perfect but these two volumes are available. 

My problem is that I have been able to trace my MacGregors back to the birth of my ancestor Duncan MACGREGOR in 1792 and the names of his parents. His father was Peter MCGREGOR (1763 ?  – ___?) and and mother Katherine/Catherine MCDARMID (before 27 September 1767 to  28 Nov 1839), married 28 NOV 1788 in Kinloch Rannoch (Fortingall Parish), Perthshire, Scotland. Their five children were:

  1. John Roy MCGREGOR 1789-1847
  2. Gregor MCGREGOR 1790-after 24 Aug 1837
  3. Duncan MCGREGOR 1792 – 1852 MY DIRECT ANCESTOR
  4. Alexander MCGREGOR 1794 – before 15 Auf 1855
  5. James MCGREGOR 1797 – 1835

I have not yet been able to confirm Peter’s birthdate and birth location as there are a number of Peter MacGregors. Some colleagues believe they know which one, but I am bothered by the distance between his birthplace and the known locations of my MacGregors. I do not want to “bark up the wrong (family) tree”!