WANTED – Militaria

C No 32 MK 4 later called the C No 67 MK 1 rifle scope, made by REL Canada.
C No 32 MK 4 later called the C No 67 MK 1 rifle scope, made by REL Canada.

1Canadian Parachute Battalion uniforms, ideally with name of veteran so it can be researched.

There are always items that I am looking for. My hobby is collecting items related to Canadians who served in special units in World War II (WWII) and regarding military snipers (mainly WWII).

OK, having listed my main wants, I will come clean and say that this is a WISH list. There is no way that I cannot afford ALL of them! However, if one does not ask, one does not find! Sometimes a trade or part trade/part cash can be arranged. 

Militaria – This may include uniforms, insignia, equipment, weapons, photos etc.

Of special interest are:

  1. Uniforms, items, equipment, photos and documents of Canadians who served in/as:

    1. Canadian Snipers (all periods, but especially WWII)

    2. First Special Service Force (The Devil’s Brigade)

    3. 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion.

    4. Special Operations Executive (SOE including Force 136)

    5. British Security Co-ordination (BSC)

    6. P.C.M.R.


Genealogy – I am especially looking for the following which were awarded to relatives of mine. I would like to purchase these if available or if they are not available, to at least know the location(s) of these items that are connected with relatives.

  1. Rifle, Lee-Enfield No. 4 MK.I* serial number 28L0844 as it was connected with a family member.

  2. WWI medals, Death Penny, Memorial Cross etc. of Lieut. Earle Walter HUME, 27 Bn. CEF, Died of Wounds 28 April 1918. Family member.

  3. WWI medals, Memorial Cross etc.  of 211141 Pte. Charles Gordon MCKAY, CAMC (Canadian Army Medical Corps) died May 1918. Family member.

  4. 1885 medal (North West Rebellion) and any other medals of Major (ACTING-PAYMASTER) James Robert HEAKES, QOR . Family member.



  1. Canadian military Long Branch Monte Carlo style butts (two). Cheek rest is built into the butt, pistol grip is very pronounced and has a black plastic round bottom cap to extend the grip and there is a rubber recoil pad. There would be Canadian issue markings under the front of the butt grip. There will usually be numbers stamped into the top e.g. 23-C  These are for the rare 80L8xxx series of sniper rifles. 
  2. Windmill sight and furniture (wood) for ASC Experimental Sniper Rifle "Scout Sniper's Rifle" serial number ASC285 butt. I suspect that it is ASC-85-2) - Al Fraser-Fred Van Sickle picture shown in WITHOUT WARNING p.60 (edited slightly) This rifle is almost identical to the way mine would have looked during WWII.
  3. Original manual “ARMY TRAINING INSTRUCTION No. 9 THE ORGANIZATION, TRAINING, AND EMPLOYMENT OF SNIPERS     1944”  (I have a reproduction of this)
  4. CASE, C. NO. 47 INST. STAND / C. MK. I CGB 4920 – Canvas bag for the folding tripod used with the Telescope, Observing, Sniper’s C MK.I. Would also be interested in spares of  the Stand C No. 47 (tripod) and Carrying Case.
  5. Long Branch brackets for No. 32 scopes. I need two. 
  6. Any Long Branch sniper rifles, parts for these, special accessories or R.E.L. rifle scopes.
  7. Long branch rifles or parts with serial numbers starting “ASE …”, “ASC…”  or 80L8xxx
  8. REL 5X sniper scope
  9. REL Scopes cases 
    * REL scope case C No. 8 MK. I (steel)
    * REL scope case C No. 18 MK. I (steel, for Lyman No. 32 T.P. Mk. I scope)
    * REL scope case C No 8 MK. 2 (canvas)
  10. WASP-WAIST front sight protector Long Branch No4 MKI
    WASP-WAIST front sight protector Long Branch No4 MKI
    Back-sight on 1931 Enfield Trials SN A 1989 converted to sniper
    Back-sight on 1931 Enfield Trials SN A 1989 converted to sniper
    R.S.A.F. Enfield mark, the ED monogram, as marked on TRIALS No. 4 rifles. The 70 would be for a specific inspector there.
    R.S.A.F. Enfield mark, the ED monogram, as marked on TRIALS No. 4 rifles. The 70 would be for a specific inspector there.

    Parts for Lee-Enfield TRIALS No. 4 Mk. I and No. 4 Mk. I (T) rifles made in the early 1930s at Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield. Looking for any parts for restoration project but will consider ANY parts or even rifles if the price is right. Especially looking for “wasp-waist” front sight protector (prefer Enfield made but will consider Long Branch etc.), back sight, magazine (marked V”VI” on platform), English walnut “low wood” (to clear magazine cut-off) fore-end, upper band (hinged) and stacking swivel. Enfield made parts are marked with a monogram of EFD with the E and F superimposed on the D. The result is a “D” with a partial horizontal bar.  

  11. Maxim M.G. 08/15 parts for cosmetic restoration e.g. pistol grip, butt stock (plain without oil bottle in it); hose fittings, water hose, original sling.
  12. Winchester Model 94 PCMR C/|\ serial number 1317105
  13. Winchester Model 1894 B.C. Provincial police issue marked (e.g. BCP123)
  14. Revolver, British Columbia Police issue marked e.g. BCP 123
  15. Holster and Sam Brown belt marked for the B.C. Provincial Police 
  16. Welrod (DEACTIVATED) [Canadian War Museum specimen shown] Deactivated WELROD 
  17. Johnson M1941 LMG DEACTIVATED  Deactivated Johnson M1941 Light machine Gun as used by FSSF
  18. Bracket Telescope C MK I for telescope C No 67 MK I    R.E.L. made No. 67 MK. I (aka C No. 32 MK. 4) bracket, mount and carrying case. 


  1. (Note that named uniforms and those with provenance are much preferred due to fakes being on the market)
  2. First Special Service Force uniforms. I am especially looking for those worn by Canadian members, ideally with a name so that I can research it.
  3. Battledress blouse of a former First Special Service Force man with USA CANADA arrowhead patch on arm.
  4. Uniform of Canadians who served with SOE etc. e.g. Force 136. 
  5. B.C. Provincial Police tie, shirt, straight pants and shoes. (My father-in-law was BCPP.)
  6. Pacific Coast Militia Ranger (PCMR) armband, “Dryback” jacket, pants and wide brim hat. 


  1. 1CPB Officers badge1CPB Officers badge (back)
  2. Please see family related want list at top of page. 
  3. Canadian Parachute Corps officer’s bi-metallic cap badge, original. I prefer the solid backed one but will consider a late war stamped version. 
  4. World War I VICTORY MEDAL named (on rim) to 2045063 GNR. MICHIEL, FREDERICK JAMES C.F.A. 


  1. “With Riflemen, Scouts and Snipers from 1914 to 1919 by F. M. Crum (1921)
  2. Sniping in France by H. Hesketh-Pritchard (1920) first or at least an early edition. I have a modern reprint. 
  3. “A Rifleman Went to War” by H. W. McBride (1935) first or at least an early edition. I have a modern reprint. 


  • British Army circa 1946 “I AM A SNIPER”