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1956 Denison Smock front
1956 Denison Smock front

These are uniforms not required for my collection.

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1956 Denison Smock front
1956 Denison Smock front

Original DENISON SMOCK, British made in 1956 (Suez Invasion year.) Correct for the No. 4 (T) and L42A1 sniper rifles. Used, faded somewhat as expected. Cuffs replaced with stretchy socks to keep the wind and cold from blowing up sleeves. Has the tail (crotch strap). Used by Airborne Troops, Commandos and Snipers). All snap and zipper work. Label reads SMOCK DENISON / AIRBORNE TROOPS SIZE 4 / HEIGHT 5 FT 6 INS - 5 FT 8 INS / BREAST 39 INS - 41 INS / GEO. DAYS (?) & CO MCF (?) LTD. / 1956 / /|\
I have a couple of WWII Denison Smocks in my collection. The WWII Denison smocks are now very scarce and expensive with asking prices about $1,400. This 1956 one I am selling for $600.
WWII U.S. Army uniform "OFFICIAL WAR PHOTOGRAPHER" worn in the Pacific. This man went to Pearl Harbor after the Dec 1941 attack. Identification known.
WWII U.S. Army uniform "OFFICIAL WAR PHOTOGRAPHER" worn in the Pacific. This man went to Pearl Harbor after the Dec 1941 attack. Identification known.

WWII U.S. Army uniform "OFFICIAL WAR PHOTOGRAPHER" worn in the Pacific. This man went to Pearl Harbor after the Dec 1941 attack. Identification known.
WWII U.S. Army uniform "OFFICIAL WAR PHOTOGRAPHER" worn in the Pacific. This man went to Pearl Harbor after the Dec 1941 attack. Identification known.

RARE 1942 U.S. Army uniform for OFFICIAL WAR PHOTOGRAPHER. NAMED & RESEARCHED. He served in 1942-1945 and ended up as a Technical Sergeant. He was posted to Pearl Harbor the Pacific (after the attack). A few minor moth holes. Tunic is complete and much of his history is known. Har RARE photographer badge. 3 Garrison caps and shirt that were his. Trousers and tie have been added. My numbers CMS2099 - 2103 & 2105- 2106 $350 CAD
U.S. Army belt with parachute oval and parachute wings with "511" on top. This was for the U.S. 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Buckle is marked SOLID BRASS MADE IN USA. The Late Dr. Bill Windrum was a Lieutenant in the 511 P.I.R. in the U.S. 11th Airborne Division on Occupation Duty in Japan just after WWII. Note that the parachute badge is not a real one as it has the 511 on top. Bill Windrum Collection $30
Ski mitts, British 1941 Army Issue. Joined by cloth trip which goes through sleeves to join the mitts to prevent a catastrophic loss in winter. New Old Stock. Storage wear. Markings stamped on leather INSIDE. $30
British Columbia Provincial Police (BCPP) brown tunic with brass BCPP buttons. Very well worn. BCPP were formed in 1858, argued with the Texas Rangers as to which was the first to be found, disbanded in 1950 and most members were absorbed by the Royal Canadian Mounted police. CONDITION: FAIR only. Frayed, some moth damage. No collar badges. No shoulder brass. One front button is off but with the tunic. No name. No date but between 1927 and 1950 for sure. VERY RARE! My number CMS1812 $200
Winter windbreaker / skijacket. Has U.S. Bronze Star ribbons sewn on in "V" shapes, presumably "V" for victory. The ribbon is also the colours of the Norwegian flag. It is likely that the wearer was a Norwegian or of Norwegian descent, NAMED to Cpl. S. L. Coglwell (aka Cagsell) of the Kiska Task Force, Eighth Service Command, 10th Mountain Division. Technician. His dress tunic with insignia sold of eBay Nov. 17 2011. That tunic has an embroidered Kiska patch on it. The ribbon on the back is silk and is laddering (disintegrating). My number CMS1260 $85
U.S. TIGER STRIPE uniform - POST-VIETNAM. As worn by Special Forces etc. Hat, shirt and trousers. Hat size 7-1/4 Hat, Sun, Hot Weather Type II NATO stock number. Excellent condition. Shirt is extra large. White label in shirt says MADE IN USA and X-LARGE. Shirt may or may not be military issue. Trousers have U.S.
military label. Size LARGE-REGULAR Inseam 29-1/2" to 32". Waist 35 to 39. For sale as a set only. I have been told by a veteran that this is not early Vietnam issue as that had simple markings. My numbers CMS2512 to CMS2514 $250 shipped in Canada
REPLICA WWII summer uniform, Canadian. For person 6'4" and about 200 lbs. Tunic and trousers and belt. As worn in Canada in WWII. $75
PPCLI battledress uniform, ribbons for UNFICYP (Cyprus), CD. NOT Korea. Sergeant, Machine gunner. Canadian Parachute wings. Name is known. $125
FSSF blouse. First Special Service Force. This is a coming home blouse made by cutting down a foyrvpocket jacket into an Ike style blouse. Original FSSF patch with bold white outline as made in Southern France in late 1944. Ruptured Duck patch on right breast (discharged mark). Really Luca collar badges and red-white-blue shoulder cord. Name not known but it came out of Rome, NY and might belong to a veteran from there. A budget way to get one of these uniforms. I have a senior Canadian officer's FSSF uniform so this is now spare. $250
PicRARE Canadian Army PILOT battledress blouse. 1953 Cold War Rank of Major. Royal Canadian Artillery. 1st Canadian Division patches (red). Correct Queen's Crown ARMY PILOT WINGS (rare on a uniform) so he likely flew artillery spotter planes or observation helicopters. WWII and post-War ribbons. No name. No glow under UV light. $150
Original 1943 WWII British No. 3 Commando battledress. Named "J.R.BRUCE" at back of neck. and "J,R, BRUCE, JR." on label. Size 15. Made by Phoenix Clothes Inc. on contract dated January 6, 1943. Has the Commando Brigade triangular patches with the vertical red F-S Fighting Knife on each sleeve. Wear at collar right cuff and waist belt. End on waist belt frayed and worn. No moth damage seen. No glow under UV light. I purchased this 4 years ago for my collection as my father was attached to No. 4 Commando in 1943. My collection focus has shifted. (My number CMS1676) $700.00
1942 British battledress blouse with REPLICA British Airborne insignia seen on. Moth damage on back side of cuff on right sleeve. Parachute glows under UV light (it should not as that suggests post-WWII polyester threads) and the washed look of the cloth insignia looks to me to be reproduction Conclusion: ORIGINAL BRITISH WWII BLOUSE AND REPLICA INSIGNIA, LIKELY DONE BY A REENACTOR. $100



Brown private purchase beret with LRDG cap badge (repro?)
Brown private purchase beret with LRDG cap badge (repro?)

Beret, brown, officer's private purchase, missing label. Fitted with what is thought to be a replica Long Range Desert Group Cap ( LRDG L.R.D.G. ) badge. No history known. Normally they would wear a black beret. Purchased at a gun show in British Columbia. Badge appears to have been on the beret for a long time. It is a mystery. Moth holes at back. My number CMS0973 $125
Maroon beret, Liner removed as was typical for soldiers to shape it the way they wanted. Leather sweatband. WWII pattern King's Crown PARACHUTE REGIMENT cap badge with lugs. Beret is earlty as it does not have the post-war slider slot. Samll size (6-3/4?) My number CMS1094. $100
Beret, maroon (Airborne) Canadian. Size 7-1/2 marked but feels like size 7. Canadian maker markings but no date visible. Post-WWII as it has the slider clot for the badge. This beret obviously belonged to w WWII Canadian Airborne veteran as it was found with a WWII AIRBORNE CANADA shoulder title sewn on to the lPort side of the badge. Two holes and impression show that a brass Canadian Parachute Corps cap badge was worn on it for a long time (badge NOT included). No name. It was found in a second-hand store in Steveston, BC. $100
Helmet, AIRBORNE, British 1944. ORIGINAL. Web chin straps. Made by BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies) in UK. I purchased this one in Scotland in an antique shop. Multiple names. ARON W ; TRCC D SOLL (?) MOTTS BENTLEY 1177 6399479 (?). Faintly in red paint on left side are the numbers "63". I replaced the chin-strap with another original as the bugs had damaged the chin cup. That one is for sale separately below. The helmet appears to have been a barn find. Bugs have eaten away at the lining but it is still there and displayable. Has it been anywhere? I carried on the rest of my trip through Scotland, France (Pegasus Bridge, Gold, Sword, Juno, Ohmaha beaches, Dieppe, Vimy, Arras, Albert, Beaumont Hamel, Etaples & Paris) and Italy (Rome). $1,500
Web chin strap assembly for British AIRBORNE HELMET. Chin sup lining is badgly damaged by bugs but webbing is complete and fine. A chamois replacement would restore it. For an airborne helmet 1944 and later with 3 point attachment. $50
HELMET, steel M42 German relic dug up on the battlefield at Kurland Bridgehead in Latvia. Multiple srapnel holes, likely as it was lying on the battlefield during heavy artillery fire. A great conversation piece as it was there in the middle of a big battle. No liner. $250
RARE Beret, maroon CANADIAN AIRBORNE. Dated 1954 with stick on "5" to change date to 1955 (removed but still present). Leather sweatband. Mobile Strike Force period before Canadian Airborne Regiment was formed in 1968. Type also worn later by CAR. Excellent UNUSED condition. Not punctured for cap badge. $350