Duncan MacGregor (1792-1852). The woman is almost certainly his wife Esther Henderson. She was not the mother of Duncan’s first son Neil MacGregor (1816 – 1874), and I have not located Neil’s mother’s name. The date is thought to be 1851-1852 because the print is on paper, and the collodion process was invented in 1851. Duncan died in 1852.

Genealogy is the study of one’s family history, ancestors and relatives. My genealogy pages are for the Colin MacGregor Stevens’ families and will focus on the following:


  1. STEVEN / STEVENS / STEPHEN / STEPHENSON  – from Brechin, Angus, Scotand

  2. MacGREGOR / McGREGOR from Kinloch Rannoch, Perthshire, Scotland and St. Catharines, ON, Canada. Seeking ancestors of Neil MacGREGOR who was born in Kinloch Rannoch in 1816. His father was Duncan (c.1792-1852). Duncan’s mother was Katherine. 

  3. HEAKES – from England to Toronto, ON, Canada

  4. FRY – Pennsylvania Dutch (i.e. Deutsche = German) from Switzerland or Southern Germany to Bucks County, PA, USA and in 1800, to Niagara Penninsula (The Forty and The Twenty areas) Ontario, Canada.

  5. DRAPER – Boston, Mass., USA to North Gwillumbury (near Barrie), Ontario, Canada.  Joel Draper did serve in the War of 1812 in the Flank Company, 1st York, and was at the Capture of Detroit and the Battle of Queenston Heights. There may be a United Empire Loyalist connection through Benjamin CRITTENDEN. 

  6. HUME – Jane M HUME (1862-1952) was born in Warwick, Ontario. The HUME family came from Donegal, Ireland, before 1833.

  7. GARDNER – Bertha “Betty” May GARDNER (1891-1966)  was born in Essex County, Ontario, Canada. Her father was William Allen GARDNER (1859-1937) married Jane M HUME (1862-1952). The GARDNERs were English. apparently from Glouchestershire. 

  8. WOOD – Susan Pemberton WOOD (1863-1940) married Francis Ryley HEAKES . Her father was Thomas WOOD (1830-1902) of Birmingham, England and her mother was Jennie FLAVELL (1828-1900) of Edgbaston, England. 

  9. COUSE Neil MacGregor married Anna COUSE [pronounced cow-zeh] (1828-1898). Her father was Moses Snover COUSE (1800-1862) and mother Mary Wismer FRY (1795-1876). 

  10. McDIARMID – Katherine MCDIARMID (1767-1839) married Peter MACGREGOR in Fortingall Parish, in Perthshire, Scotland. They lived in Kinloch Rannoch. 

  11. ARNOTT – Margaret ARNOTT (1814-1901) in Brechin, Angus, Scotland married William STEVEN (1815-1890)

  12. MCKAY IPossibly Sutherland Country Scotland, to Inner Hebrides (Isle of Muck) to Cape Breton Island NS Canada to Plymouth Mass to Welland Ontario
  13. BEATON Cape Breton NS Canada 
  14. MACDONALD Cape Breton, NS Canada

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