C3A1 Sniper Rifle

C3A1 (via Twincamharley )

C3A1. The scope mount appears to the the original Parker-Hale one for the C3A1.  (via Twincamharley )

The C3A1 Sniper Rifles with Unertl 10X scopes were procured by the Canadian Armed Forces in 1988. 500 were obtained by having Parker-Hale in England “refurbish” the C3 sniper rifles. The Canadian Armed Forces did not have Capital money at the time, but did have Operating money. Everything was replaced except for the bolts and possibly the stocks. 

The C3A1 had a removable magazine, bipod, C3 10 power Unertl scope and no iron sights. 

Some C3A1 rifles at least were later upgraded with McMillan A2 synthetic stocks to replace the older wooden stocks which could be affected by moisture. 

McMillan A2 stock (Source: McMillan).
McMillan A2 stock (Source: McMillan). The version shown does not have the adjustable cheek rest.
Canadian sniper, apparently in Afghanistan. It looks like he is using a C3A1 sniper rifle with a synthetic McMillan A2 stock. Photo appeared 2002-02-11

The Canadian C3 Sniper Scope originally used on the C3A1 sniper rifle is a 10 power Unertl which is the same as the U.S.M.C. version except that it is calibrated in Metric. After Unertl went out of business, USO made MST-100 scopes which are almost the same, though Canada is not know to have bought any. Some Canadian C3 sniper scopes ended up in U.S. Marine Corps service as when the War on Terror broke out, they “raided” Unertl’s facility and took every scope of this model, including those on-hand awaiting delivery to Canada. 

The C3A1 was used in combat in Afghanistan and remains in the system for training purposes I believe.

Parker-Hale went out of business about the time that they finished the contract for the C3A1 rifles and this made spare parts procurement a problem. 

C3A1 sniper rifle DND photo
C3A1 rifle with Picatinny Rail replacing the original Parker Hale C3A1 scope mount. This enables the Canadian Army to change scopes easily, and I have heard that scopes from the C14 Timberwolf have been moved to the C3A1. (Photo credit: Canadian Army)

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