Ferret 54-82524

1954 Ferret Mark I, Canadian Army Registration number 54-82524

This vehicle served with the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) and was released surplus at Calgary, Alberta in April 1981. It ended up in New Mexico, USA and was restored. In 2007 it was purchased by the LdSH(RC) from Dan Dolan in NM after I told them about it.


he seller provided the following information:
Daimler Ferret Mk1 Driver and one or two people in the recon area behind the driver. 1954 model armored scout car.  This one is rare in that it is one of only 124 bought by the Canadian Army from Daimler in England. This one served with the prestigious Lord Strathcona’s Horse regiment and had Canadian Army Registration Number 54-82524. This regiment used Ferrets in NATO in Germany during the Cold War, and also in Cyprus, in the Sinai Desert and in Canada, 
      Gone through new brake master cylinder, new ignition system (wires, plugs, points, cap, rotor and condenser), new carb, new batteries, new fuel filter.  Fuel tank was thoroughly cleaned and the junk cleaned out.  New fuel filter installed.  Several $1000s spent on upgrades and in last 30 days.  
      Runs well, .little hard to start but runs fine with accelerator and choke coordination.  You may need to adjust the carb for your altitude we had to adjust it to 6000 ft here in NM when vehicle arrives from about 600 feet elevation!  Tires excellent, great body, nice hatch cover, brakes bled, rare Bren gun bracket inside.   
      Comes with 10 complete maintenance manuals plus operator’s manual.  Clean New Mexico vehicle truck title.  Purchased from friend who was in need of funds fast and now for sale for low price simply because I am not into British armor. Digital pictures available e-mail me.   Transportation can be arranged through broker at reasonable cost to just about anywhere.  May be able to find transportation east or west with friends traveling around but that will take longer; but probably be cheaper.  
      Exterior has good paint, few very small scrapes and dings but overall a nice looking vehicle.  New binders on the canvas to (Change “to” to “for”?)  covering the roof looks good with the cover on!  Great parade vehicle because you can ride two in the open rear compartment unlike other later model Ferrets where two is a crowd! 
      Asking price is $12,500 which if you check around is some thousands lower than running, driving, complete vehicles of this type are bringing.  Latest MV Magazine is listing several Ferrets at $18,000 and up.  …

I checked the 54-82524 Ferret I have for sale and low and behold!!!!   There is white paint under much of the O.D!  I did not find white everywhere but I did find it very conspicuously on the tire rims and the rear engine amour. Some of the while was showing through the rims without my even scratching on them!   On the front there was no white when we sanded through to the 54-82524 – that was dark OD followed by a a lighter OD which was followed by a light tan primer.  I am guessing now that this vehicle did, in fact, have a U.N. history with the Canadian armored units. [NOTE FROM COLIN – UNCONFIRMED ]

Interesting, there is white on parts of the body but not all of it…..The front hull has been stripped and repainted because I found only OD up there.  But the rear of the hull has some white underneath.  [NOTE FROM COLIN: FERRETS CAME WITH VERTICAL WHITE STRIPES FOR CONVOY DRIVING – THEY WERE AT REAR UNDERNEATH. ] The rims are definitely all white under the OD.