FOR SALE – Edged Weapons

Edged weapons for sale by Colin MacGregor Stevens. These may include knives, bayonets, swords etc.

USMC Stiletto removed from its scabbard - front view - Colin M Stevens' Collection
USMC Stiletto removed from its scabbard – front view – Colin M Stevens’ Collection
SOLD PENDING FUNDS - Original USMC Stiletto with first pattern scabbard. SOLD PENDING FUNDS
ORIGINAL F-S Fighting Knife with WOOD handle. This is from the Dr. Bill Windrum Collection and is illustrated in one of his books. I found it in a Coin Shop in New Westminster some years ago and recognized it. With scabbard. $500
ORIGINAL F-S Fighting Knife (Fairbairn-Sykes Sighting Knife). Ringed grip (now called 3rd Pattern by many collectors). Circa 1944. With original scabbard. Markings : Cast number "4" on pommel. ENGLAND stamped on the thick cross-guard and on scabbard. This was a U.S. McKinley Tariff Act requirement to show country of origin and was stamped on these knives when sold surplus to a U.S. dealer. Condition: Knife is overall excellent condition. Only lightly sharpened and maintains it original point and length. No rust. Scabbard is good but is missing the elastic retention band and the leather backing at the top of the scabbard. Displays well. As issued for D-Day etc. $250
[/caption] SOLD PENDING FUNDS - USMC Stiletto. This is an ORIGINAL made by CAMILLUS for the USMC Raiders. This is a beautiful example. The only negative points are that the USMC scroll is now invisible (a common situation as the etching was very shallow) and a minor crack in the scabbard from the leather folding over while being worn. My # CMS1142.
U.S. parachute knife marked "AERIAL M&T / LICNY 1960" with retaining cord. Cold War & Vietnam War. Ex-Dr. Bill Windrum Knife Collection WW0117 $50
Clasp knife, large. WWI and WWII pattern for Canada and UK. Maker marked "M.S.LTD XX" Marlin spike, blade, "V" can opener. Well used. My # CMS1353 $45
Swagger stick weapon. .30/06 tip. Fancy knot work on top. Unusual. From the late Dr. Bill Windrum's Collection. Being sold for his family. Dr, Bill Windrum Collection. $200
No. 4 MK. II bayonet with scabbard and army modified P1937 frog for P1907 bayonet. Bayonet made by LONG BRANCH and is issue marked for NEW ZEALAND which is uncommon. "N/|\Z" over "1771". A perfect companion for your N/|\Z issue marked Lee-Enfield No. 4. $100
UK Bayonet No. 4 MK. III without scabbard. From the Ron Reeves Bayonet Collection. $20
1950s rare CANADIAN TRIALS bayonet for the EX-1 and EX-2 Trials F N rifles. Canada settled on the C1 and C2 rifles with a different bayonet design. Almost identical to the British Trials X2 E1 except for markings and the rear upper corner of the pommel is "clipped." As per the Armourer's EME instructions (I can provide a copy to the buyer), the bayonet is marked with the serial number on the side of the pommel. 590 in this case. This is from the huge Ron Reeves Bayonet Collection. $300
1950s rare British issue TRIALS bayonet X2 E1 for the FN FAL trials when they eventually selected the L1A1 SLR. Numbered to rifle 11604. Stamped X2 E1 11604" In correct "X1E1" marked scabbard. Cross-guard has the two prongs and blade forms the third prong for the flash hider. Square corner at upper rear of pommel. This is from the huge Ron Reeves Bayonet Collection. $300
US OSS CROSSBOW BOLT - CONE POINT, SHORTER BOLT (arrow). - Very rare Office of Strategic Services (WWII predecessor of the CIA) . World War II. For silent killing. My # CMS2574 $300
US OSS CROSSBOW BOLT - LARGER BROADHEAD BOLT (arrow) VERSION - Very rare Office of Strategic Services (WWII predecessor of the CIA) . World War II. For silent killing using "Big Joe" crossbow. My # CMS2573 $300
P1907 bayonet, made by WILKINSON 1917. With scabbard and P1937 frog. Cross-guard has a unit marking "3334" and pommel has a unit marking obliterated and then below that "479". $175