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Old manuals for sale by Colin MacGregor Stevens. Books are listed on another page.

Manual IROQUOIS Flamethrower, Transportable CDN No. 1 MK 1 Canadian Army 1954
Manual IROQUOIS Flamethrower, Transportable CDN No. 1 MK 1 Canadian Army 1954
>>> CANADIAN <<<
SELL (2)Aide Memoire PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE 3 RCHA 1976 PM on M151A2, 5/4 ton, other vehicles, Carl Gustav, M2Hb etc. Obsolete. (No #) $5
>>>> SOLD <<<<< 1943 Canadian Army manual basic training in FRENCH. Well illustrated weapons (No. 1 MK. III* rifle, Bren Gun, 3" Mortar, Boys Anti-Tank rifle, Ross MK. III rifle, 2"-Mortar, No. 36 M MK. I hand grenade. etc. Well illustrated. 195pp. Covers Drill, bayonet drill, gas warfare etc. $10 >>>>> SOLD <<<<<
Canadian Army EME Manual CAR, SCOUT FERRET, MK. I (Cirlox bound photocopy.) Large and thick. $50
Canadian Army Manual for Drivers (Wheeled Vehicles) April 1954 Celluloid cover. Pocket manual. 52 pp WITH Documents - accident treport form, 2 Witness Cards and Driving Permit and ID record for ZE.3019 Captain D.R. Brochu with HQ 27 Canadian Infantry Brigade (they were sent to Germany in early 1950s). (No #) $15
CAMT 7-10 Obsolete manual THE MACHINE CARBINE (STEN) 1953 CAMT 7-10 15pp $20
CAMT 7-12 (ex-CATP 11-7) ROCKET LAUNCHER 3.5 Inch M20 (1952) Korean War manual. Crew also armed with U.S. M3A1 SMG "Grease Gun" as Canada, for a brief time, was looking at adopting all American small arms. $20
Selling 2015-05 011
Selling 2015-05 012 - Copy
CAMT 7-45 Canadian Army Infantry Section Leading and Platoon Tactics 1954 132 pp MANUAL, ORIGINAL OBSOLETE.
Two avaialable.
1. Excellent condition with Amendment 1$10
2. Good. Name on front, spine tear upper 1 inch. $8
CAMT 1-36 MILITARY WRITING Manual of Staff Procedures Vol.1 1958 OBSOLETE. $5
CAMT 7-5 MANUAL GRENADES (Revised) 1956 reprinted with Amendment No. 1 (156. 58 pp Illus. $15.00
Two copies available.
1. Clean $15
2. Stamped 5th (BC) Field Battery R.C.A. and named by SGT DALPE on cover.
AIDE-MEMOIRE Radio Set C-42 January 1970 (Pacific Region I Staff) Pocket booklet. $5
ELEMENTARY DRILL MANUAL - University of Toronto COTC Canadian Officers Training Corps 1942
Good for WWII re-enactors. $5
DRIVERS and DRIVER MECHANICS - The Training and Qualification of. Canadian Army Training Pamphlet No. 2 1940. 12 pages. Marked on cover to 59th A.A. Battery Royal Canadian Artillery RCA $5
REGULATIONS FOR DRIVERS OF M.T. VEHICLES AND UNIVERSAL CARRIERS AND MOTORCYCLISTS 1944 (not applicable to Armoured Fighting Vehicles_ Small, to fit in with pay book. Form filled out for GALWAY W. (?) S. , Canadian Armoured Corps 1944 $10
M.T. DRIVERS' REGULATIONS 1942. ID card for Mechanical Transport Drivers inside cover and another form inside. Named for K-73682 Bombadier SAWLEY, G. Cover detached and very worn (carried is wet pocket apparently) $10
Canadian Army Operator's Handbook POWER SUPPLIES, METALLIC CPP-2 & CPP-5 July 1953 $5
PHOTOCOPY - Canadian Army Catalogue of ORDNANCE STORES - VEHCILES & TRACKED EQUIPMENTS, ENGINEERING EQUIPT. July 1960. Imperfect photocopy. Lists old and new Census Codes for each vehicle. Group, type, classification, and EIS. SCARCE $15
PHOTOCOPY - Regulations for Drivers of M.T. Vehicles, Universal Carriers and Motorcyclists 1943. Canadian Army. $1
PHOTOCOPY - Manual of Elementary Drill 1935 reprinted in Canada 1939/1940. EXCELLENT REFERENCE FOR re-enactors! About 100 pages Some yellow highlighting by former owner. $3
ORIGINAL - SHORT NOTES ON THE RED ARMY INCLUDING IDENTIFICATIONS (Revised 1942) - The War Office January 1943. Reprinted in Canada April 1943. 130 pages Photos, colour charts , line drawings. $15
>>> BRITISH <<<
WO 9705 MANUAL Mines - Individual Mechanisms 1961 British but this is the Canadian Army reprint Feb. 1962. Illus. 80- pp. $15
WO 8683 THE LIGHT MACHINE GUNS [BREN GUN] Supplement No. 1 ANTI-AIRCRAFT LMG Including Amendments 1 & 2. Scarce $20
DRIVER TRAINING Vol 1 Part V THE TRAINING OF MOTORCYCLISTS British Army Code 70123 1965 47 pp. Obsolete manual. Army Code 70123 $15
WO Code 8890-4 FIELDCRAFT (1954) Amendment No,. 4 1963 $2
HANDBOOK FOR THE MOUNTING, UNIVERSAL, 20 MM. GUN, MK. I. 1944 No. 1 with cradle for one automatic 30 MM Gun M2. (American Type HISPLANO) No. 2 with cradle for one Oerlikon or Polsten 20 MM Gun 15 Jan. 1944 Detailed line drawings. VERY RARE MANUAL. $150
PHOTOCOPY - PARTS LIST for GUN, MACHINE, POLSTEN, 20-mm, MK. I and Magazine 30-rd., 20-mm. POLSTEN. MK. I 1943 VERY RARE WO Code 2109 Section C1. Dated Jan 1944. $5 MANUAL.
Manual, British "Good Instructions Part 1 for Officers and NCO Instructors" Feb 1947 WO 8162. 98 pp $1
R.A.M.C. Training Pamphlet No. 1 Drills and Exercises 1951 (Korean War) How to transport casualties. Many line drawings showing stretchers, jeep ambulance etc. 50 pp $2
THE WAR OFFICE - PRE-SERVICE PHYSICAL TRAINING AND RECREATION FOR ARMY CADETS 1943 (Canadian reprint 1945) Includes a few pages on the use of the toggle rope as used by Commandos and Airborne Troops. This is the only instruction I have seen on these. Marked "outdated" on cover. $1
B.R. 282 D.E.M.S. POCKET BOOK 1942 - Very rare manual for the Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships. Inscribed with seaman's name Leading Seaman 226 pages, Cover detached. Insert paper "Index to numbered keys. Robert C, Smith, ship SS Crystal Park etc. Action Stations Standing Orders (3 pages, legal sized 8-1/2 x 14" Covers BL Guns, QF Guns (12 Pr & 3 Pr..); Oerlikon Gun (20-MM); Hispano Gun (20-MM); Lewis LMG; Savage Lewis Gun; Hotchkiss Gun, Marlin Gun, Holman Projector; Rocket Projectors (various); Depth Charges; Smoke Floats; Does NOT cover the ASLG (Automatic Ship's Lewis Gun) which came out by the Summer of 1944. $100
HOW TO STUDY AND WRITE EXAMS 1966 by BC District I Staff, Victoria, BC. Some yellow highlighting. 37 pages. $3
HIGH COMMAND IN WAR - 21 ARMY GROUP Published in Germany June 1945. This was Field Marshall Montgomery's Formation. $5
SMOKE GENERATORS - Regulations for Army Ordnance Services - Volume 4 - AMMUNITION Pamphlet No,. 19 23 April 1956 Includes drawings and photo illustrations. $10
INSPECTION, MAINTENANCE AND CARE of ARMY VEHICLES (Wheeled) 11 Nov. 1940 Small pocket manual. Top corner of cover cut away, presumably to remove soldier's name. $5
CHEMICAL WARFARE AMMUNITION - Regulations for Army Ordnance Services Part 7 Pamphlet No. 7 14 January 1946. Code No. 1546 Cutaway drawings of munitions. Colour plate of 25 Pr ammunition, Photos. Minor yellow highlighting of some titles by a previous owner. RARE. $20
Sub-Machine Guns (Austen - Owen - Thompson) AUSTRALIA 1943 64 pp illus. REPRINT (very good facsimile) $15
>>> AMERICAN <<<
U.S. Army Browning Automatic Rifle Cal. .30 M1918A2 publish3ed in 1961. 244 pages. Illustrated/ ORIGINAL manual. (CMS2345) $45
Handbook of the Thompson Submachine Gun Model 0f 1928 by Auto-Ordnance Corportation Edition of 1940. REPRINT BY RICK LANDERS, AUSTRALIA. Excellent condition. $15
Mechanic's manual Willys-Overland 1952 for CIVILIAN WILLYS-OVERLAND PASSENGER CARS Models 685 and 675 $15
TM 21-305 DRIVER'S MANUAL U.S. War Department November 1944. Has name "WAYNE C. BAKER U.S. 28640453" stamped on cover neatly. 1946 reprint by U.S. military. $10
Amphibian Body Ford GPA Excerpts from SNL G-658 1944 REPRINT
Amphibian Body Ford GPA Excerpts from SNL G-658 1944 REPRINT
AMPHIBIAN BODY - Ford GPA Amphibious Jeep (G504) Excerpts from SNL G-658, 1944 REPRINT $5
GERMAN INFANTRY WEAPONS May 25 1943 Special Series No. 14 Prepared by Military Intelligence Service, War Department. Corners damaged. Spine retaped. Scrace. 190 pages. Covers, small arms, artillery, ammunition etc. $30
PHOTOCOPY - Ford Amphibious jeep GPA - Organizational Spare Parts and Equipment ORD 7 SNL G-504 $1
>>> FRENCH <<<
French manual on Model 1950 Semi-automatic pistol. In French. "Guide Technique Sommaire du Pistolet Automatique de 9mm Modele 1950. Edition no 7 1870 19 pp $10
FRENCH Army manual for Willys MB and Ford GPW jeeps. 9th edition, 1968. Extracts from TM 9-803 of 22 Feb 1944. IN FRENCH GUIDE D'ENTRETIEN de la Voiture de liaison de 1/4 de tonner, a 4 roués motrices (Willys-OVERLAND Model MB at Ford Modele GPW). Well used. Corners damaged, tears on cover. Manual number MAT 2701 Scarce manual for jeep nuts. $25
Original FRENCH manual on the GIBSON GIRL" life raft radio. 8 pp. Illustrated with photos. Rare French Edition. $5