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No. 4 Mk. I (T)

No. 4 MK. I (T) Serial number 0C820 made by Stevens-Savage as a No. 4 Mk. I and converted to sniper equipment by Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield early in 1942.

This is a personal web site of Colin MacGregor Stevens, CD, BA.

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1931 Lee-Enfield No. 4 MK. I (T) TRIALS F.T.R., matching in-service No. 32 MKL.3 scope SN 25455 and remained in service until 1963. - Rifle and matching scope case.
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  • V-42 of known Sgt 1-1 FSSF man who was awarded the Silver Star for bravery at Anzio. - Front view, scabbard folded.
    V-42 of a known Sgt in 1-1 FSSF. This man was awarded the Silver Star for bravery at Anzio. He was later Commissioned and was  killed in action in the Korean War.
  • Genealogy for my family 


Will they or won't they? (Two aircraft from Canada's Snowbirds aerobatic team flying the Tutor aircraft.)

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Cannon from the S.S. Mont Blanc - Muzzle end, mounted upside down and showing the area the missing piece came from. From the Halifax Explosion 1917-12-06

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Royal Albert - Lady Angela dishes
Royal Albert – Lady Angela pattern Bone China dishes

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This Web Site

The web site’s name comes from the fact that four of our Stevens family have served as  Captains in the Canadian military: my paternal grandfather, my father (later Lieutenant Colonel), my mother and myself.  There were other Captains in the family too but they had different last names.

Special acknowledgement is hereby given to my late friend, Richard Pitt of Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada who graciously hosted my first web site on his Pacific Data (pacdat) at no charge from 1999 to 2015. He also enabled the arrangement to continue even after his untimely death.