Canadian Ferrets in West Germany


Canadian Army Ferret Scout Car 54-82542 shown in Germany with Canadian Army helicopter hovering overhead. Cdn Army Journal 1963 Vol XVII No2 p69
Canadian Army Ferret Scout Car 54-82542 shown in Germany with Canadian Army helicopter hovering overhead. Cdn Army Journal 1963 Vol XVII No2 p69

Two Ferrets in Soest, West Germany with Canadian Army in 1962. The Ferret broadside is 54-82542. Note the simple mounts for the Browning 1919A4 medium machine guns. These are NOT the No. 8 Mk. I British mounts and may be modifications of the Bren mount. Photo showing helicopter head on was in Canadian Army Journal 1963 Vol XVII No 2 page 69

LdSH(RC) Archives have inspection reports from 1959 showing that there were 23 Ferrets with the Canadian Army at Fort Chambly in Germany. Unfortunately there was no list found of the CAR/CFR numbers. In most photos the CAR is hidden by the spare tire on the left side and by an ammunition box on the right side (apparently bolted onto the lid of middle bin on the right side), and by camouflage nets. After the DND/CANADA licence plates were issued, these having the last five digits of the CFR number, these were often hidden for camouflage reasons.

Later on the Ferrets were camouflage painted but it was a different pattern from that used in Canada. I would like a copy of the official camouflage painting instructions as my set of cam painting instructions was issued after the Ferret had been replaced by the tracked Lynx.

I would like any photos or lists of Canadian Army Ferrets.

Canadian Ferret Scout Cars known to have served in Germany.

As mentioned, at least 23 Canadian Ferrets are believed to have served with NATO in Germany. It is nice for current owners or museums to know the history of where their vehicle served. Unfortunately the Canadian Army Registration (CAR) number, later called Canadian Forces Registration (CFR) number, was usually hidden by the spare wheel and other kit. The DND – CANADA licence plates which show the last 5-digits of the CAR/CFR did not come into use until about 1970.

  1. 54-82519 Re: A photo shows it beside road signs Neheim-Husten 7 Km & Holzen 2 Km.
  2. 54-82542 Re: Helicopter photo
  3. 54-82555? Now at NATO HQ in Belgium, suggesting it MAY have been in Germany when retired as the shipping cost would have been minimal.
  4. 54-82569 Re: Accident report – it ran into a building 10 Jan 1958 with LdSH(RC)
  5. 54-82591 Re: French match covers and German money found inside vehicle when it was restored. Now in Abbotsford, BC
  6. 54-82612 Re: Photo in CMP Magazine No. 2 of Ferret in Germany  in 1958 – Picture found by Jason Ginn
  7. 54-82614 Re: Photo in of Ferret 54-82614 with helicopter in the background in THE GATE  A History of the Fort Garry Horse p. 118
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Photos on other web sites 4CIBSpecial thanks to David Edgar:” Look for ruhrmemories dot ca. A live link is not posted here as it is not secure. 
If you go to the web site www ruhrmemories  ca  under 4 CIBG Werl Fort Victoria photos page 2 you will find a ferret. Each field troop in the engineer squadron had one of them. There were 3 field troops in the squadron.
                                       David Edgar”  Ken Smith photo. Ferret and crew after 7 day exercise in Northern Germany. Camouflage net and windscreen. 1 Cdn Div formation sign. No CAR/CFR visible.  4CIB Soest Forts  Fort Chambly  Photos p. 2 2nd row, 1st photo from left. Ferrets on parade in snow, February 1965.  4CIB Soest Forts  Fort Chambly  Photos p. 2 2nd row, 2nd photo from left. Top view of Ferret with 1919A4 machine gun and snow in February 1965.