Museums that I have worked at, or for

Burnaby Village Museum 2005-02-07 main street-Colin M Stevens
Burnaby Village Museum 2005-02-07 main street-Colin M Stevens

The author of this web site has worked in museums for over 46 years, almost continuously since about 1967.

As time permits this section will be expanded.

If you have museum questions, especially if you work in a museum, feel free to write to me.

List of Canadian museums, archives etc. that I have worked in:

  1. Dartmouth Heritage Museum, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Student volunteer circa 1968

  2. Vancouver City Archives – Student Summer Employee 1974

  3. Vancouver Centennial Museum – Children’s Museum and Conservation Department Student Summer Employee 1974. Museum since renamed Museum of Vancouver (MOV).

  4. Vancouver Maritime Museum – Conservation Assistant. Summer Employee 1974

  5. St. Roch National Historic Site – Tour Guide. 1974 – 1978

  6. Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Museum and Archives – Founder, Curator & Archivist 1974 – 2011 (three periods when my civilian job had me living near enough, total of about 15 years) Museum is now an official Canadian Forces Museum.

  7. Battleford National Historic Park (North West Mounted Police Fort/Post) and Batoche National Historic Site (1885 Northwest Rebellion battlefield) – Interpretive Officer (second-in-command and acting as Curator, training and supervising tour guides etc.)

  8. Cumberland Museum, Cumberland, B.C.- Curator. Coal mining and history of multiple ethnic communities ) 1978 – 1982

  9. Estevan National Exhibition Centre – Executive Director  1982 – 1985

  10. Burnaby Village Museum, City of Burnaby, BC – Curator and Second-in Command.  Recreated 1925 time-period historic village on a 10-acre site. 1985 – 2005

  11. New Westminster Museums and Archives, Manager/Curator/Archivist 1985 – 2011 

    1. New Westminster City Museum

    2. New Westminster City Archives

    3. 1965 Irving House

    4. 1930s Samson V Museum, a wooden paddle-wheeler (afloat at dock side)

    5. New Westminster Police Museum

  12. Richmond Museum – Contract work to sort out collection records in Steveston Museum. 2011

  13. 12 Service Battalion Museum, Richmond, B.C. – Volunteer and hen appointed as Curator. An official Canadian Forces Museum. About 2018 to Present

  14. As well I have done appraisals for the following:

    1. Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, ON – Multiple e.g.

      1. Two ancient Chinese cannons

      2. Eight armoured vehicles including tanks

      3. Sherman Tank, Ferret Scout Car, Lynx Recce Vehicle etc.

      4. Restored Pilot model 15 Cwt truck Canadian 1930s

    2. Royal Canadian Artillery Museum, Shilo, MB.

      1. Dr. William Gregg Collection of about 30 military vehicles including tanks, armoured cars, cannon etc.

    3. 15th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery, Vancouver, B.C.

      1. Field Artillery Tractor, Canadian Military Pattern, Cab 13

    4. International Movie Services, Aldergrove, B.C.

      1. Over 200 ex-military vehicles, several cannons, 14,000 military uniforms, etc.