◦Photos – Apeldoorn, Netherlands 1995, The Canadian Veterans

"The Last Farewell" by Colin M Stevens
“The Last Farewell” by Colin M Stevens

“THE LAST FAREWELL” – 1995 marked what I believe to the last great pilgrimage of World War II Canadian veterans to visit Holland.

A huge parade was held in Apeldoorn. I have never seen so many Canadian flags! Local military vehicle collectors provided restored military vehicles for them to ride in. Sadly the weather did not co-operate and there were periods of heavy rain. That did not dampen the spirits of the Dutch or the Veterans.

I was happy to have been able to attend and take photos. The crowds were so large that although I was originally in a grandstand, I could only see the tops of the larger vehicles. The crowds pressed right up to the vehicles so that people could reach out and shake the hands of the veterans. I saw young children held out to the veterans so that when the child was older, their parents could say “You touched the hand of one of our country’s Liberators.”

It was very, very moving.