Six snipers walking down a road in Italy during Wolrd War II.

1944 May 30 – Six crack snipers of the Royal 22nd Regiment (“The Van Doos”) moving along a road in the Liri Valley, Italy, after the battle for the Hitler Line. A sniper section in a battalion like this would normally have 8 men. commanded by a Sergeant or possibly by the unit’s Intelligence Officer. Their cap badge it a profile of a beaver. Man in shorts is carrying a scope case, likely with the Scout Regiment Telescope MK. II. Left to right: Pte. Amalie Dionne Riviere from Trois Pistols, Quebec; L/Cpl. Paul Fortin, Montreal, Que.; Pte. Henri Thibault, Montreal. Que.; Pte. Guste Bernier, Lambton, Que.; Pte. Harry Gilman, Montreal, Que.; Pte. Robert Rual, Kapuskasing, Ontario. Photo by Lieutenant W. H. Agnew. (DND photo 33706/117835)