BSA Airborne Bicycle Getting to Battle

The BSA airborne bicycle could be landed in enemy territory in various ways.

  1. BSA_folded_for_dropping.jpg (135330 bytes) BSA_Parabike_brochure_cover.jpg (78406 bytes) By its own parachute. Note that it should land handlebars and seat first as the wheels are very susceptible to damage – as per the photograph from an airborne manual. The BSA drawing for the post-war parabike brochure shows it very dramatically, but it is the wrong way up. 

  2. BSA_position_jump_from_Dakota.jpg (62934 bytes) By being carried by a paratrooper. After his parachute had opened, he would lower the bike on about a 20 foot rope. Ideally it would hit the ground first, and he would drift a little bit and land beside it. 

  3. By glider. 

  4. BSA in surf being dragged.jpg (105192 bytes) By sea. Sometimes folded, usually opened.